NEW: MindManager 2017 for Windows – major release!

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New from Mindjet: MindManager for SharePoint

We’ve got news, great news! Mindjet is pleased to announce our newest member to the MindManager family of products: Microsoft… Read more »
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Say Hello to the NEW MindManager 8 for Mac!

Hello World! With all the buzz and excitement around Apple’s announcements this week, we want to make sure you also… Read more »
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Holiday Wishes with Mind Maps!

Welcome to 2010! I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! Over the holiday break, I received a holiday card… Read more »
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Happy Holidays: Top 10 Mindjet Blog Posts for 2009

I’m excited to post my final message of the year! And, start my holiday festivities… Here are your top 10… Read more »
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Make 2010 a Happier Year

There’s a wonderful raw food restaurant nearby called the Gratitude Cafe. I know – raw food restaurants can freak some… Read more »
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A (Multi) Touching Story

Have you used a multi-touch device or computer? Thanks to the popularity of the iPhone, touch-screens are all the rage.… Read more »
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MindManager 8 for Windows Service Release 8.2 – Release Notes

Here are the release notes for today’s service release (SP2) for MindManager 8 for Windows: MindManager 8 Service Pack 2… Read more »
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