MindManager Joins Corel

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MindManager Joins Corel
Patrick Nichols

August 9, 2016

Today, Corel announced it has acquired the Mindjet MindManager business. As a MindManager customer, we want you to have the latest news and also share some additional insights into what this means for you.

With MindManager in our portfolio, Corel is now the company behind the world’s leading mind mapping and information visualization software. We’re hugely impressed with the MindManager technology and our new colleagues behind it.

As part of Corel, a company with more than 30 years of software innovation, MindManager has more opportunities and a great future ahead. We know the important role this software plays in your workflow and your processes. That’s why Corel is planning significant investment in the MindManager technology and business. And while I can’t share specific details, we want you to know that the MindManager team has the next release in development and we are on track. Our new MindManager colleagues, together with all of Corel, are committed to giving you the best version yet.

Mindjet MindManager customers and partners can rest assured that your MindManager contacts remain the same. If you would like to read today’s announcement, you can find it here. Over the coming days and weeks, our team members will be sharing more updates. You’ll be hearing from us regularly, whether through public communications channels like our blog and social media or directly.

As part of this conversation, we’re interested in hearing your ideas for how we can better meet your needs. When we develop our product plans for MindManager, where do you suggest we spend our time and energy? What improvements would you like to see? We hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments below.

Corel is very excited for the future of the MindManager products and we look forward to driving innovation together with you, our MindManager community. We’re honored to have the opportunity to serve you and give you a great experience with our software.

Thank you,

Patrick Nichols
Corel CEO

29 Responses to “MindManager Joins Corel”

  1. Carlo Vaiani

    Mindmanager should develop features that allow for better cooperation with people that do not have the software installed on their machine (e.g. a project team where only the PM is using Mindmanager)

  2. Greg Slade

    At first I was concerned that MindJet was being acquired by Coral as many acquisitions fail and I use MindManager extensively – I read the Corel CEO thoughts + this article by a partner and feel more optimistic – http://www.olympic-limited.co.uk/corel-mindjet-mindmanager-acquisition/

    I’ve actually liked several of the recent Windows releases.

    For me, the top areas of development:

    – The iOS App is poor and not being updated. I’d love to be able to use MindManager on a large iPad Pro for example – but the functionality isn’t there. The poor iOS App encourages users to explore other products.

    – Development of the Mac App – currently fairly useless on features for me vs the Windows version. I actually primarily run Parallels on Mac just to use the Windows version of MindManager – not ideal for battery life. Another option here would be to develop a strong web-based version. I actually stopped using MindManager primarily and went to MindMeister just because the web based approach + collaboration is so easy. Also their iOS App is much better (although not perfect). I’ve recently gone back to using MindManager more again because of the 1) power/flexibility of layout of the Mindmap; 2) power filtering on tags/index items/resources, etc; 3) integration with Outlook; 4) Ability to product a Gantt chart if needed

    – Task management – general task management in MindManager is good, but I’d like to be able to sync MindManager tasks into a task system that is easy for me to view/use on the Mac + iOS device. I try and use Outlook Tasks, but they feel out of date in approach + I can’t keep the workflow sync’ed well enough so it becomes another problem. The task manager integration that was released by MindManager hasn’t been developed and I don’t use it (similar to iOS story). This was another reason I was using MindMeister for the ease to integrate tasks into MeisterTask – definitely the right direction. Maybe the new version of MindManager with Zapier integration into 3rd party tasks systems will work/improve for task sync though.

  3. Lars-Erik Mickos

    I have always used MM most for creatig my Powerpoint presentations. The support for this has been up an down over the history. Currently it is is going in the right direction but I still miss some important features. A better control over the content and layout would be appreciated. E.g. the possiblity to choose a picture for each slide and also select the layout type (two columns text, one text column with a picture, Title only with a picture etc).

  4. Christian Frank

    As a designer I like it when a mindmap software goes together with an image company.
    So here 3 important suggestions, in my opinion 😉
    1. Please make better and inspirating images in the bibliothek
    2. Please promote the mindmanager on iPad and the possibility to change from PC to iPad (most important!!!)
    3. Please integrate the Design Thinking Process as submittals to the software
    Thank you and best wishes to all of the team!

  5. Stefan Loibl

    One of the most important features are needed is to have a cloud version which works like the traditional programs with a perfect integration. Also a connection to services like MIcrosoft Office 365 would be great.

    • Greg Slade

      Agreed. I started using MindMeister because of the pure Cloud functionality, which helped with the Mac. However, I’ve started using MindManager (on Windows via Parallels) more again because of its power… If Corel could match the Windows functionality in a Cloud version I’d use that…

  6. Michael Schmitt


    I love the software and it supports me really strong, but sorting of large maps is really terrible slow, I would really, really, really appreciate if you could find a better way for this, one sorting process easily takes 10-25 seconds and if I am forced to take one sorting process back I usually get myself another coffe… :(

    Everything else is really fantastic, but due to this fact I can’t use the software at the full range…

    Thanks and have a good time!

  7. Jörg Dennebaum

    Well, one rather simple but very effective enhancement would be: Fixed topic widths! Using Mindmanager for training purposes, I need to make the map-layout as balanced as possible. So that if you have Sibling Topics, they all start at the same point. Olympic-Limited (http://www.olympic-limited.co.uk/fixed-topic-widths-mindmanager/) offers this feature, but I would like to see this in Mindmanager itself, without the use of an transparent image, that they use to archieve this effect.

    • Nigel Goult


      Thanks for mentioning our solution to this issue. I agree this would be just one of many possible improvements and I am so pleased that this event has happened, see my own feelings about the acquisition here: http://goo.gl/wCF0jn

      We will always continue to try and “fill the gaps” where possible and I thank you for investing the time to evaluate MAP for MindManager.

      We are looking forward to great things ahead.

  8. g3niuZ

    Mindmanager from Mindjet is a brilliant Tool, hope Corel will keep the same track.

  9. Mushin J. Schilling

    Hope this turns out well.
    One improvement I’d like to suggest: Make it possible to save mindmaps to google drive

  10. Patrick Nichols

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I appreciate all the feedback and can assure you it’s being passed to our team as we work on our roadmap. Our plan is to evolve the MindManager product you know and trust by identifying areas where we can do better and uncovering new opportunities for innovation. It’s a long-term project and communication with our users will be key. Please keep the ideas coming.

  11. Bob Levy

    1. Time will tell if this is good news.

    2. #1 request is better communications with user requirements to the population.

    3. Related to #2, a process where all of us can participate in the improvement process.
    Let US vote on requirements (enhancements) on a frequent basis
    Let US help you prioritize the requirements.
    There have been many “requirements” posted in blogs and facebook and ??? so create a process that makes it easy for YOU to develop and communicate your plan. The users know best what is important to them. Happy users generate more referrals and more revenue.

    4. Model your Product Enhancements after a successful process like the SAS company. I have worked at 4 different companies where I developed PERF, Product Enhancement Request Form modeled after SAS and it was very effective and moved their product lines forward faster than any internal process from the past. My experience with SAS was decades ago. Just checked and they now have everything online. Check them out at:

  12. Aniruddha

    I’d love to see the Mac version of Mindjet catch up with the Windows version. I also use the Web Connect feature to share files online with myself and others. It is the best way to do so. Sometimes buggy but it is the best way to share maps. Otherwise now I use a Mac I’d like the same Enterprise feature set so I don’t have to use Parallels. Two way connectivity via Zapier would be a killer. I believe that is already in the pipeline with the new release. Keep up the good work, please.

  13. Jarek

    Talking of plans… May be could you improve Mind Manager in a way Evernote works? It would be great to have my notes stored in a cloud on mind maps instead of “classic file style”

  14. Peter Watz

    YES! Maybe we can see a new Mac version without all the MS-collaboration stuff. MindJet for 5-6 years ago was the best version.

    • Klaus Drescher

      YES!! I miss also the old possibility
      “sending a map in an active PDF file”.

    • Greg Slade

      I like the Windows Outlook integration, but not sure if that level of integration is possible on Mac Office/Outlook. I’d take a full-functional Mac version without the Outlook/Office integration though…

      • Peter Watz

        User of Mac using Google Apps in the first hand. Integration to Google Calendar and Google Mail is first priority.

  15. Peter Nuhn

    At least there should be a solution to integrate corel draw and photopaint files into mindmanager with the ability to doubleclick for editing.

  16. Alexis van Dam

    Interesting news! Looking forward how this impacts the roadmap for MindManager for Mac & Windows and the accompanying ecosystem. How will this impact Spigit?

  17. Nigel Goult

    Wow! This looks like really exciting news. I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities and new scenarios develop with Corel behind the world’s best mapping software.


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