WEBINAR: Overcoming 3 Big Challenges to IT Project Success

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Owen Ray

November 17, 2015

If you missed the webinar, you can download the recording here.

Overcoming 3 Big Challenges to IT Project Success

Wednesday 18th November 2015 – 10:00pm – 10:45 am (PT)

Join us for a live webinar featuring special guest host, Chuck Frey, mind mapping software expert and publisher of The Mind Mapping Software Blog. Chuck will share key insights gathered from recent interviews with leading IT and project management professionals. He’ll reveal what’s behind three big challenges that can jeopardize the success of IT projects: adaptability and agility; communication and visibility; and the juggling of many small projects. He’ll also provide examples of how a visual approach to IT project management that leverages the latest in mind mapping can help us overcome these challenges. There will be time for live Q&A.

Speaker: Chuck Frey, Mind Mapping Software Expert and Publisher of The Mind Mapping Software Blog


2 Responses to “WEBINAR: Overcoming 3 Big Challenges to IT Project Success”

  1. M Palmer

    I’ve just downloaded the e-book “Overcoming the 3 big challenges of IT projects”. Am I the only person to see irony in that the sub-title “A Visual Approach” is followed by a big block of text? It’s preceded by “Three Key Challenges” which, surely, warrants a graphic representation rather than boring text? I downloaded the document expecting a great example of using visual tools – not several pages of text with a few, almost ‘token’ graphics . . .

    • OwenRay

      Thank you for your interest in the whitepaper, we appreciate your feedback. We’re sorry it did not meet your expectations.


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