WEBINAR: The Innovation Imperative with Michael Krigsman

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November 11, 2014

While business leaders everywhere rush to establish efficient, scalable, working innovation programs, the root of why it’s necessary to do so can sometimes get lost.

To help address this vital question, our November 12th Innovation Cafe webinar will include a panel of experts, led by internationally recognized analyst and strategic advisor Michael Krigsman.

The Innovation Imperative

Tomorrow’s Innovation Café webinar will focus on the role of innovation in enterprise organizations. Michael and the panel — which features Greg Hicks of Unitedhealth Group, Yasir Anwar of Macy’s, and Reed Elsevier’s Jeff Honious — will discuss innovation program goals, the ROI of their respective innovation programs, and the competitive advantages of various initiatives.

Attendees will learn what innovation means at each of the expert’s organizations, what challenges they’ve overcome, and how they’ve successfully measured the results of their programs.

CLICK HERE to register for tomorrow’s Innovation Cafe webinar. We can’t wait to see you there!

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