Improving Communication and Collaboration: Introducing the New MindManager Enterprise

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November 4, 2014

Customer input has always been a major driver of product iterations for us. It’s because of extensive feedback from our dedicated users that we’re thrilled to be able to bring customers the new MindManager Enterprise, which not only amplifies MindManager’s existing array of powerful capabilities, but now also supports enterprise-level collaboration and project management.

Visual Project Collaboration and Information Management

MindManager Enterprise integrates with Microsoft SharePoint server 2010 and 2013 to expand the power of visual business mapping to the entire organization, bringing enhanced project planning and management and the ability to disseminate information t across regions, departments, and teams via a uniquely visual format that enables greater understanding and cross-team collaboration.

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MindManager software has already revolutionized visual mind mapping, bringing versatility and creativity to strategic business processes. The new enterprise offering allows organizations to use these unique capabilities to improve key processes and information management across entire organizations. Employees from all areas of the company can move swiftly from idea generation and information analysis to completed projects using intuitive information maps, which display the big picture as well as important details in a single view


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Customers everywhere are able to coordinate global initiatives and experience more efficient task and information management. Additionally, MindManager Enterprise integrates seamlessly with a variety of leading tools and systems, including Windows applications such as Microsoft Project®, PowerPoint®, Word®, Excel®, and Outlook®. MindManager Enterprise extends the value of MindManager to enable collaboration and communication across the entire organization.

For more information, visit the MindManager Enterprise product page.

6 Responses to “Improving Communication and Collaboration: Introducing the New MindManager Enterprise”

  1. Lerchertrain

    cool :-)
    is this SharePoint web-part still based on Flash or have you developed it for HTML5?
    HTML5 would be the much better solution.

    • Patrick Porter

      Hi- just confirming that SharePoint Viewer which is used to visualise MindMaps on the browser is still based Flash. However there are plans for this to be changed to HTML5 in the very near future.

    • Mindjet

      Hi Andreas! The SharePoint web part is currently based on Flash. Your suggestion regarding HTML5 is much appreciated, and we’ll make sure to discuss that with the Product team. Thank you!

  2. Bill Harmon

    Have you considered an Enterprise Academic pricing? When I was actively teaching at the University level I bought “Lab Packs” of MindManger so my students could use it to take notes in class and organize their projects in my Project Management classes. I used MM for all lectures so they just added their notes because we had the web collaboration license as well. The point was they were introduced to MindManager and took that knowledge to industry with them just like they did Work, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, etc. Affordable academic pricing allows you to sew seed corn among students for subsequent knowledgable introduction to industry as they graduate.

    • Mindjet

      Hi Bill! Thank you for being a MindManager evangelist and promoting the use of MindManager with your students! I agree that the scenario you describe is a perfect one for MindManager Enterprise, and I encourage people involved in academic purchasing to talk with a MindManager account manager or reseller to review the volume prices and purchasing options. Thanks!



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