Spotlight on Project Management: MindManager Users Share Their Stories

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October 7, 2014

Mindjet customers are an enthusiastic bunch, and we are always excited to see how they are using MindManager to get their work done better. Our User Spotlight series has given us incredible insight into Mindjet’s potential, helping us to identify with our customers’ needs, learn what makes our users tick, and figure out how we can continue to provide software solutions that work.

In this user spotlight, we take a look at some of our MindManager customer’s favorite features that help them manage projects more effectively from start to finish.

Some look to MindManager to stoke creativity, organize otherwise complex flows of information, or to communicate more visually with their teams. No matter the reason they use it, they all get more done and get it done better with MindManager. Check out the SlideShare below to see what features these power users love most.

As always, thanks to everyone who’s participated so far. If you’re interested in telling us your Mindjet story, send us a message.

To view this presentation on SlideShare, click here. Or, learn more about the new MindManager 15 by visiting our shop.

3 Responses to “Spotlight on Project Management: MindManager Users Share Their Stories”

  1. Volker

    Just words – no pictures, no structur, nothing that speaks to your brain… Did not expect this kind of “presentation”.

  2. Marcos D.

    I agree with JoDa. What a shame for Mindjet, a boring presentation from a company that praise inovation and creativity.

  3. JoDa

    Wonderful. A presentation with so mutch letters U fall asleep… in a presentation about mindmaping


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