Fun Friday Links: Sleep Deprivation is No Joke, Email is Expensive, and Discovering Innovation Like Indiana Jones

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Arwen Heredia

August 29, 2014

Welcome to Conspire’s Fun Friday Links, a weekly collection of interesting discoveries from around the Web. Most of the time, the goal is to get you thinking differently about innovation, collaboration, business culture, and life in general. Other times, we may toss an infographic or fun video your way. Submissions are welcome, and you can send them to for consideration.

Of Sleep and Sheep

Anyone who’s familiar with the extraordinarily high expectations of today’s workforce — particularly those individuals in the tech, food, and medical industries — are so often sleep deprived that it’s almost become a badge of honor. But that perspective is not only counterintuitive, it’s dangerous, and perpetuates the idea that butts-in-seats are more important than quality output. Still, we can always count on the media to make us laugh about it anyway. From The New Yorker:

“After reading Maria Konnikova’s post about the science of sleep yesterday morning, I couldn’t get any shut-eye. She points out that, since the nineteen-eighties, the amount of time spent sleeping has declined at an alarming rate, and that, well, alarmed me.

Sleep deprivation is a serious issue. Actually, let’s make that a semi-serious issue. What’s my evidence for that? Cartoons, of course.”


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The Staggering Cost of Business Email (Infographic)

Email is one of those so-called necessary emails that people deal with because, frankly, nothing else has trumped it yet (if you remember Google Wave, you will also remember its staggering promises to usurp the email market and its subsequent, spectacular downfall). But worse than being stressful and annoying, it turns out that email is actually really, really costly. From Inc.:

“Sending company-wide emails is a great way to instantly message everyone in your business, but it can also result in “reply-all hell” for many of your employees. As collaborative email company Contatta points out, email hasn’t changed in 20 years, and is responsible for inefficiencies that can be a major drain on productivity.

Their [infographic] below crunches the numbers to show how much time and money can be saved by cutting back on email by just 15 percent.”

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Discovering Innovation — Indiana Jones Style

Before you panic: no, you don’t have to risk encountering herds of snakes or twisted roads to ancient treasures in order to figure out what innovation means for you, or how it can work for your company. However, it would serve many of us well to think of discovering innovation as an adventure, and one that brings about enlightenment, courage, and self-discovery. From Forbes:

“While tracking the golden idol in Peru, Jones and his guide had to carefully navigate a corridor of booby traps. Indy carefully calculated, planned, and navigated through each obstacle, but when he stole the idol from its perch, he still set off every single booby trap in the place.

No matter how carefully you plan, your people will make mistakes. While these mistakes may be costly, you don’t want to create a culture where the tiniest slip-up sends a giant boulder hurling after the party responsible. Even the perception of this type of reaction will stifle any innovation within your company because your employees will be afraid to take risks.

Failure is also how many innovations happen. Even after escaping the tunnel, Indy’s adventure was riddled with failure.”

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