Thursday Thought Leadership Roundup: Reaching Out to Influencers, Companies That Shine, and Ridiculous Phrases

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Arwen Heredia

July 24, 2014

In this week’s thought leadership roundup, we take a look at influencer outreach, companies that truly get it, and ridiculous jargon to avoid.

Thought Leadership Strategy: A 3-Step Framework for Influencer Outreach

From the Content Marketing Institute:

“When promoting content, a good influencer outreach campaign can be the difference between hundreds of views and thousands. It can mean real press coverage, new audiences, and even revenue growth.

The most successful of these campaigns begins weeks (or even months) in advance of the content’s launch, giving marketers plenty of time to nurture relationships with influencers and gain visibility within communities — essential components of any successful thought leadership strategy. In an ideal world, we would have hours to spend each day getting to know every influential website and person in our niche. In the real world, our resources are limited. We need to organize and prioritize our time to maximize our content marketing ROI.”

Our take: The above is old hat for anyone who’s worked with content before, but the piece gets truly interesting once they dive into the framework. It’s simple, globally applicable, and smart. If you don’t have a repeatable content strategy in place to support your thought leadership efforts, you need to read this. And even if you do, this is a great resource that could inspire new ways of getting things done.

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Content for Thought Leadership: Two Companies Who Are Killing It

From the NewsCred:

“Remember the days when companies kept an arsenal of information under lock and key and feared that if someone ever broke in and stole their “secrets” that the company would be in ruins? It’s safe to say that content marketing has shifted that mindset and tight lips are now a thing of the past.

As companies respond to the new paradigm of consumers who are empowered with choice and long for trust and to find value in the companies with which they work and support, thought leadership is coming to the forefront of brands content marketing initiatives and is becoming a priority. Companies are embracing this concept and are working hard to climb the totem pole of popularity by using educational and valuable content as the stepping stones.

But of course, since every company can’t be at the top at the same time, there are a few notables who rose faster than others and are excelling.”

Our take: Probably the biggest challenge people and companies face when tackling thought leadership is getting noticed amidst what is, basically, and endless supply of perspective-based content. Starting from scratch isn’t really an option, so this is a great read for those who need a head start, inspiration, or a fresh way of looking at their own TL strategies.

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5 Phrases That Make You Sound Ridiculous

From Thought Leaders LLC:

“Word choice matters. We spend countless hours in meetings with colleagues discussing big, important ideas. We write hundreds of documents making our case for one initiative or another. We write thousands of emails. We give dozens of presentations. And you know what? We sound ridiculous. Using buzzwords can make us sound like hypereducated idiots who swallowed a thesaurus.

In our efforts to sound more intelligent and compelling, we use big words and bigger phrases we hear other smart and compelling people use. The problem is, those words and phrases didn’t mean anything in the first place. By adopting those vapid phrases as our own, we’re saying things that are just as meaningless as the first person who uttered them.”

Our take: The entire existing community of content marketers, established thought leaders, and wannabe experts out there may as well just admit their guilt here. All we can do is move on, and do our very best to stop using the term ‘leverage’.

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