Thursday Thought Leadership Roundup: Counterintuitive Principles, Social Advocacy, and Interviews with 50+ Global TLs

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Arwen Heredia

July 3, 2014

In this week’s thought leadership roundup, we take a look at some off-the-wall principles for thought leaders, the importance of social advocacy, and a robust list of interviews with some of the world’s most renowned TLs.

5 Counterintuitive Principles for Thought Leaders

In this (very) brief video with professional speaker Douglas Kruger, you’ll hear his five not-so-common bits of advice for thought leaders on the rise. Watch it below.

Our take: All five tips are very well-said and worth incorporating into your personal branding and thought leadership strategy, particularly when it comes to dealing with the criticism that accompanies a growing audience.

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Social Advocacy & Politics: Thought Leadership in the Social Age

From Social Media Today:

“Social media is where public thinking happens. So if you want to be a thought leader, you must lead on social media. Lead not only on social media, but like the tree falling in the woods: if you want to be heard you’ve got to fall among thinking people. If you are trying to influence the press, the press is on social media. If you are trying to lead scholarly discussions, scholars are already discussing their research on social media. If you want to lead the thinking about public policy, policymakers are all on social media, listening and thinking, even if they haven’t quite grasped how to engage.

The days of publishing peer reviewed articles in obscure journals read by mere dozens of people as your primary (and often only) channel of distribution are over. Those academic journal articles now come with public discourse via social media. The days of relying primarily on people reading your quote in paragraph four on the front page of the New York Times to drive public discourse are over, too. Now you can publish your fleshed out comments on a blog, Tumblr or even a Facebook wall post, then engage large public discussions via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond.”

Our take: All too often, fledgling thought leaders get their tactics mostly right, but fail to put together all of the necessary pieces. Creating great content doesn’t do much if you don’t share it, just like having a stellar education doesn’t guarantee you’ll be good at a job in your chosen field. Putting together all of the critical elements is the only way to build an effective strategy.

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50+ Global Thought Leaders Discuss Innovation In Insights

From the Green Book Blog:

“At IIeX in Atlanta, true stars Ben Smithee of Spych Market Analytics & Ray Poynter of Vision Critical University worked with our amazing Broadcast Partner and Media Sponsor Brandtrust to conduct over 50 interviews with a variety of industry thought leaders from client-side, technology providers, and suppliers on the current state and future of the industry, how to drive innovation, and the skill sets necessary for success for the researcher of the future. Each interview is about five minutes long and they are jam packed with amazing and inspiring thinking.”

Our take: Set aside some time for this one — with this much perspective and insight to take in from people who truly know what they’re talking about, you’ll have a hard enough time choosing just a few interviews to share with colleagues and truly take to heart, let alone watch!

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