INQ Magazine’s Innovation Heavy Hitters: Call for Nominations

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Arwen Heredia

July 1, 2014

INQ Magazine is the first publication for first-class innovators, and we’re proud to release Issue #3 in July. In each issue, we choose 3-5 of the most notable up-and-coming change-makers from a variety of industries to be featured as INQ’s Innovation Heavy Hitters. Not everybody can be named a Heavy Hitter — to make the cut, they have to showcase that they’re affecting meaningful, transformative change in their organizations or communities.

The Details

Each quarter we find the most influential and important innovators in our community, but we know you are aware of rising stars too. Want to nominate someone in your network for the Heavy Hitter title? Just copy the questionnaire below, fill in all of the fields, and paste it into an email to us at to nominate an innovative friend or colleague for the July issue of INQ.

SAMPLE Nomination Questionnaire (All Fields Required)

  • Nominee Name: Inno V. Ation
  • Nominee Company and Role: CIO at GreatIdeas
  • Nominee Email:.
  • Your Name: Inq M. Agazine
  • Your Email:
  • Why are you nominating this person? Inno V. Ation is an exemplary innovator at GreatIdeas. They have driven two significant innovation initiatives that have brought positive change to the infrastructure of the company, including one which reduced expenditure while boosting productivity, and without resulting in personnel changes.

Editor’s Note: please provide as many details as possible as to why you’re putting this person’s name in the hat — we want to make sure your nominee gets the recognition they truly deserve!

Be sure to get issue #3 in July, which will focus on human ROI, and to see if your nominee made the cut! Need more inspiration? Check out Issue #1 and Issue #2, or visit

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