Fun Friday Links: Scalable Innovation, Dragon-Slaying Resumes, and the Case for Shorter Workweeks

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Arwen Heredia

July 18, 2014

Welcome to Conspire’s Fun Friday Links, a weekly collection of interesting discoveries from around the Web. Most of the time, the goal is to get you thinking differently about innovation, collaboration, business culture, and life in general. Other times, we may toss an infographic or fun video your way. Submissions are welcome, and you can send them to for consideration.

17 Ways to Take Your Innovation to Scale

Although we can absolutely help with the whole scalable innovation thing, it’s still always worthwhile to hear what experts have to say about business processes and strategy. In this piece from Anna Leach, a variety of industry leaders from all walks of life provide insight into what it takes to go from concept to critical mass and beyond. From The Guardian:

Look for ideas at the grassroots: We need to be open to the possibility that some people who feel the pain the most might have already developed innovative solutions themselves, but there is no incentives to diffuse them.

Find partners who want the same thing: We approach companies that hold data that is potentially useful for development purposes and ask them whether they are willing to share both their data and their expertise for the public good. It is more conducive to long-term partnerships to have a discussion around core business concerns and processes rather than assuming that CSR is the only angle that the private sector might consider.”

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How To Tell Dragon-Slaying Stories In Your Resume

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about the physical act of fighting with mythical creatures. Rather, this piece from business expert and writer Liz Ryan addresses the biggest question that all job-hunters face: how can I get an employer’s attention, sell myself accurately and positively, and get my foot in a company’s door with just a single page of text? From Forbes:

“Once you realize that all of your power to capture a reader’s attention – and I’m talking about your hiring manager here, a/k/a Your Next Boss – is in the story that you tell, you’re going to view your resume differently. Your resume has to tell a story. A human being has to come through the page and grab your hiring manager’s attention.

That human being is you, of course – vibrant, creative and full of ideas. You can’t expect a manager to get excited about the fact that you did blah blah blah at one big company and blah blah blah at another. Why would they care? They are lonely in their pain. It’s lonely at the top of every company and every department. The hiring manager carries a lot on his or her shoulders. If you were that manager, wouldn’t you be excited to meet a sharp, enthusiastic and responsible person like you to help get things done?”

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The Case for Shorter Workweeks

Do we even have to sell you on this one? Check out the infographic from Inc., below, and have a wonderful weekend!

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