Thursday Thought Leadership Roundup: Webinars from Gartner, Data Smart, and NetSpeed

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Arwen Heredia

May 8, 2014

This week’s thought leadership roundup is all about upcoming webinars from top companies, on the topics of innovation, leadership and collaboration, and aligning IT costs and strategies with business goals.

MAY 28th, 2014: Facilitating Technology Innovation in Human Services

From Data Smart City Solutions:

“As the challenges facing public human services agencies continue to grow, the potential exists for technology to serve as a powerful to tool to support well-being among the most vulnerable children and families. This webinar will illustrate the opportunities and rewards for human service agencies leveraging technology innovation, as well as highlight relevant strategies to assist would-be innovators seeking to take advantage of the opportunities provided by technology.

Presenters in this webinar will discuss the number of ways human services agencies stand to benefit by successfully leveraging technology innovation. Following information from each of the presenters there will be the opportunity for webinar attendees to pose questions to the presenters.”

Our take: Though this webinar is specific to using tech innovation strategy in human services — a noble and important space — the lessons and protocol they’ll discuss are universally applicable. There are sure to be great takeaways for any organizations looking to improve or implement innovation programs.

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JUNE 3rd, 2014: CIOs Must Align IT Costs and Strategies With Business Goals

From Gartner Research:

“Midmarket IT leaders, often operating in reactive mode, fail to look beyond the next task to understand IT service costs or the impact IT has on the business. Midsize IT organizations need to align IT goals with those of the business and provide business valued services to be relevant into the next decade.”

Our take: Being a competitor in any of today’s markets requires that businesses stay relevant, no matter what it takes. This webinar will lead attendees through best practices for understanding business goals, aligning different aspects of the company, and the benefits of thinking like an external service provider.

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July 17th, 2014: The Four Counterintuitive Truths About Effective Coaching

From NetSpeed:

“Coaching is an essential tool for managers and leaders to increase the impact and engagement of their teams. Your organization flourishes when people are self-sufficient and focused on the stuff that matters. Coaching helps make that happen. But getting managers coaching more is easier said than done. No one has time for long ‘touchy feely’ conversations. But wouldn’t it be good if coaching could be practical and to the point as well as useful and empowering? Join us for this provocative webinar that shares insights and tools to help you make coaching a daily tool all your managers can use.”

Our take: The world would be a much better place if people in power focused on effective leadership skills before becoming managers of people (or projects, for that matter). We’ve talked before about the direct correlation between employee engagement and ROI; and, as engagement truly starts with good leadership, making sure your team leads are good coaches is key to boosting returns and growth.

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  • John Smithman

    This is powerful leadership!!! Congratulations. Succession is built on successors, successors are built by supervisors who are in the best position for coaching. “Pay attention to what you want more of,” is my clarion call in “Workplace Champion by Example” on Amazon, a step-by-step coaching guide.