Ideas for the Inspired @ Get Connected Week 2014

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James Gardner

May 13, 2014

Mindjet’s third annual Get Connected Week is just around the corner! Last year’s event was a huge success, and we received tons of great feedback on this virtual event from many of our 3,500 registrants. This June 3rd-June 5th, we’ll continue to build on that success, and examine how Mindjet can promote individual creativity to drive innovation at the enterprise level.

When each and every person is more productive, everyone moves forward.

Inspiring Collaboration and Meaningful Results

Last year was one of monumental change and growth for us at Mindjet, as we merged with Spigit to become the leader in enterprise innovation management and productivity. We believe in the power of ideas and the positive force of change. We believe in the monumental impact of the crowd, and in the potential of creative thinking. Perhaps most importantly, we believe in engaging employees, promoting purposeful collaboration, and bringing about transformative growth.

We know that everyone has great ideas; we also know how important innovation is to the survival of any organization. But, this doesn’t mean that we all know how to put these ideas to work. According to Accenture, 93% of executives hitch their company’s long-term success to their ability to innovate. Yet, less than 18% of them believe their own innovation strategy is actually delivering competitive advantage.

We’re ready to change that. At this year’s event, we’ll show how you can effectively generate, select, and execute on ideas quickly and consistently. We’ll demonstrate the most effective ways to use mind mapping for ideation and brainstorming, and how you can make great ideas turn into big time innovations.

Register Now

We will be hosting 12 thought-provoking sessions over the course of three days. Sessions will be presented by our internal innovation and mind mapping experts, as well as a group of industry-leading guest speakers. Join the conversation on Twitter by following us @Mindjet and using the hashtag #GetConnectedWeek.

Click here to learn more and register. We look forward to having you there!