The Future, Social CEO

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Arwen Heredia

May 19, 2014

Try as many might to avoid the rising tide that is social media, it no longer makes much sense to do so, especially if you’re at the helm of a growing organization.

Transparency is paramount to today’s marketplace. CEOs are expected to step out from behind the curtain and represent their companies with more than just a title, and social media channels provide that vital direct line of access between customers and company leaders.

Just the Facts

According to findings gathered by, the benefits of implementing a social media strategy backed by top-tier stakeholders are numerous. As shown in the below infographic, 61% of participants reported that web traffic increased; 81% stated that overall exposure was heightened; and, 48% found that their social media strategies generated a greater number of qualified leads.

To learn more, check out the original article and take a look at the infographic, below.