Fun Friday Links: The Golden Circle, Creative Success, and Memorial Day BBQ Tech

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Happy Link Time Patriotic
Arwen Heredia

May 23, 2014

Welcome to Conspire’s Super Happy Fun Friday Link Time, a weekly collection of cool discoveries from around the Web. Most times the goal is to get you thinking differently about communication, collaboration, culture, and life in general. Other times, LOLCAT ATTACK! Submissions are welcome, and you can send them to for consideration.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

In Simon Sinek’s now acclaimed TED talk, he venerates companies that take a non-traditional approach to solving business and customer pain points. Specifically, those companies that start with a question that has nothing to do with “what” is wrong. From Mashable:

“Simon Sinek, an ex-advertising executive and author, is perhaps best known for his concept of the Golden Circle. The concept revolves around the thought leadership and messaging approach utilized by some of the world’s most exciting leaders and brands — the Wright Brothers, Apple, and Martin Luther King Jr. — which, as Sinek puts it, “starts with the why.”

According to Sinek, most people communicate by starting with the “what” they do aspect and eventually work their way back to talk about “how” and “why” they do what they do.

However, companies that are universally identified as unique and successful communicate with an “inside-out” type of thinking, observes Sinek. They start with the why and only then do they move on to talk about the how and what portions of what they do.”

And here’s the full TED Talk:

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The Only Secret to Creative Success, From Leonardo da Vinci to Marie Curie

Although it’s something that seemingly everyone’s after, ‘success’ is incredibly hard to define. Not just because it means a variety of things depending on who you ask, but also because its end-of-the-tunnel location makes it an omnipresent goal; something to work towards, but not necessarily to be captured. Enter some of the world’s most infamous creatives, some of who were not at all successful by today’s often preposterous standards. In this piece from Brainpickings, Maria Popova discusses the importance of “doggedness” in creative pursuits above all else:

“This celebration of youth, coupled with technology, has distorted our perception of time — the world moves faster, and so do our expectations. Today, we want success in seventeen levels, or seventeen minutes, seventeen seconds — and when the promise of something new and better is just a click away, who wants to wait seventeen years? But that’s the thing that connects all of these great people — they played the long game.

All of us have the brain, and the talent, and the creativity to join them. But now, right when it matters, do any of us have the patience?”

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The Tech You Need To Throw a Memorial Day BBQ

Happy Memorial Day from those of us here in the states! In celebration of this dedicatory holiday, here’s an infographic detailing all the tech you need to throw an epic barbecue this weekend — plus, how it was done (gasp) three decades ago.

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