Fun Friday Links: Mamas in Tech, Mom Apps, and Mothers of Innovation

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Arwen Heredia

May 9, 2014

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Mastering the Juggling Act: 4 Successful Moms in Tech

As the internet gathers together to pay tribute to moms around the world, we’d like to give a heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day of our own, by bringing you a handful of mom-themed articles for this week’s Fun Friday Links. First up, some of the world’s most successful tech moms, who find time to run their households and some of the industry’s most prolific companies. From Entrepreneur:

“In honor of Mother’s Day — which, mark your calendars and start planning those handmade cards and breakfasts-in-bed, kids, is this Sunday — this full-time working tech journalist mama of three put together a list of remarkable moms in tech, masters of what feels to me like biggest, most challenging juggling act of them all: Simultaneously rocking your career and motherhood.

“Not only are these inspiring women busy breaking down the gender barrier in Silicon Valley’s male-dominated technology industry, they’re raising kids while doing it. Hats off to these four awesome mamas in tech. I hope you get the love, respect and pampering you deserve on your special day, or at least a breather.”

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18 Apps for Mom on Mother’s Day

One thing the digital explosion has made so much easier is procrastination with very little consequence — assuming, of course, what you’re putting off is getting a gift (or studying). So, if you’ve waited this long to get your mom a gift, snatching up a handful of apps might be the best way to go. From Download:

“Your mother loves you, but she probably counted the days ’til you turned 18. So, in honor of Mother’s Day — coming up May 11 — we have 18 iOS and Android apps. Treat yourself and your mama to some handy, affordable tools that every mother should have. And for gifts with power buttons, check out CNET’s Mother’s Day Tech Gift Guide for cameras, wearable tech, home theater, and more.”

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Mothers of Innovation: Amazing Moms Are Making Big Differences for Kids with Disabilities

If there’s one thing that’s quintessentially “mom,” it’s unconditional love. And compassion. And nurturing. I could go on and on, but the point is that taking on the role of motherhood — whatever that means for you — has quite a lot to do with taking care of people in need, whether they need a shoulder to cry on or a push on the swing. Easter Seals is an organization that holds true to those expectations, and that has been helping people with special needs, and their families, experience exceptional quality of life through things like child development centers and job training for people with disabilities. Their Mothers of Innovation program is centered around the invention of products and programs that help children with disabilities “live, play, and thrive in their communities.” From toy adaptations to apps designed for people with special needs, these moms are truly taking their role in the world to the next, next level.

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Bonus: Forgotten Photos of Mothers via Mashable.