On the Radar: Cambia Health Solutions Wins at Ovum Awards 2014

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May 15, 2014

We’re very happy to announce that Cambia Health Solutions, one of Mindjet’s most prolific and successful customers in the health care industry, has won in the Workplace Productivity category of the Ovum On the Radar Awards. Cambia is a nonprofit company dedicated to transforming the way people experience health care, and their purposeful, well-executed innovation efforts in the industry certainly deserve this prestigious recognition.

Technology Innovation, Cambia, and Ovum

Ovum’s “On the Radar” brand is laser-focused on technology innovation, and highlighting the innovative ideas, products, and business models that enable end-user organizations to create real value in their businesses. This year’s awards recognized outstanding companies for their innovative use of technology. Cambia Health Solutions was part of Ovum’s “Improving Workplace Productivity” category, which was described as “adopting next-generation social collaboration and productivity tools to meet the needs of an empowered workforce.” We are quite honored that they reached this milestone as users of the Mindjet SpigitEngage innovation management platform.

Cambia Health Solutions first turned to Mindjet in order to create a scalable innovation program that was highly employee-centric, and one that would take Cambia’s ingenuity and ideas to the next level. With so much uncertainty in today’s health care system, the company’s senior leaders were committed to “embedding innovation into the company’s bloodstream” so they could effectively transform and disrupt the health care industry.

“We started with some basic principles,” said Mohan Nair, Cambia’s Chief Innovation Officer. ”For instance, we aren’t about ideas, we’re about people with ideas, our igniters.” This focus on people, rather than just ideas, led Cambia to realize that the collective passion, expertise, and power of their workforce couldn’t truly be leveraged unless they found a way to share ideas and collaborate on solutions across the entire organization.

Moving Forward

The result of these efforts led to the creation of The Innovation Force (IF), Cambia’s internal innovation program backed by SpigitEngage. Today, The IF continues to refine proprietary innovation processes and apply them more broadly across the entire company. The organization has saved millions of dollars as a result of process improvements born from the program. For example, a recent challenge yielded $4 million in cost savings associated with process changes; another idea resulted in a new sales engagement tool that helped generate $60 million in sales and renewals.

With the support of these internal initiatives and their stellar results, Cambia is able to continue working towards making health care more affordable and accessible with superior, people-focused products and services. They help increase consumers’ knowledge of options and involvement with health care planning, and offer one of the most diverse sets of services and products that gives people more control over their personal wellness, without having to settle for second-rate care or excessive costs. Cambia is a genuine example of humanitarian innovation at work.

Please join us in giving a heartfelt congratulations to the team at Cambia Health Solutions!