Thursday Thought Leadership Roundup: TL Needs a Reset, Doubling Your Brain Power, and Thinking Like Zuckerberg

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Arwen Heredia

April 3, 2014

This week, our thought leadership roundup highlights why the concept needs a reset, how to tap into your inner genius, and a webinar dedicated to author Ekaterina Walter’s bestselling book, “Think Like Zuck.”

Why Thought Leadership Needs a Reset

From Apex PR:

“Given the huge rise of claims to thought leadership by corporate and individual brands, one would think we are basking in a sea of clever, distinct and poignant thinking that genuinely challenges conventional approaches. And if you sift hard enough, you’ll find diamonds in the rough in most categories. But, these gems are getting crowded out by posers who are sullying the original principle of thought leadership.

A thought leader can refer to an individual or organization that is recognized as an authority and whose expertise is sought. The term was first used by Joel Kurtzman in 1994, editor-in-chief of Strategy & Business Magazine, to help staff access qualified area experts. It still serves this purpose, but has evolved into the realm of advocacy where people or firms offer new, perhaps unconventional strategies to persistent or emerging problems.”

Our take: If the growing disdain for haphazard use of the term “thought leadership” is any indicator, this article makes an excellent point — “If you’re not in it for the long-term with a specific mission, it’s not thought leadership.”

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Doubling Your Brain Power [VIDEO]

This video from Brian Tracy pretty much speaks for itself, so the next time you have a half hour to kill, give it a go.


Our take: Who wouldn’t give up thirty minutes for a chance to double their brain power?

How to Apply the 5Ps of Zuckerberg’s Success to Your Business

From Social Media Marketing U:

In this live webinar, Ekaterina Walter, author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book “Think Like Zuck” examines the five principles behind Facebook’s meteoric rise and success. In this free live training packed with real-world examples and actionable lessons, you’ll learn:

  • The five “P”s of business success and how entrepreneurs and marketers can use them to succeed.
  • How to leverage the success principles that Facebook, Zappos, TOMS, Threadless, Dyson and other leading companies are using to stay at the top of their respective industries.
  • What it takes to make your own mark in the world, build a business that makes a difference and lead your organization to long-term profitability.

Our take: While Zuckerberg’s incredible launch into success might be baffling to some, it’s pretty clear that he’s made some exceptionally smart decisions along the way. If Ms. Walter can reveal his secrets to business leaders in an applicable way, it’s a safe bet that attending this webinar will be anything but a waste of time.

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