Fun Friday Links: Financial Spring Cleaning, Innovation and Easter Eggs, and What Successful People Do on the Weekend

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Arwen Heredia

April 18, 2014

Welcome to Conspire’s Super Happy Fun Friday Link Time, a weekly collection of cool discoveries from around the Web. Most times the goal is to get you thinking differently about communication, collaboration, culture, and life in general. Other times, LOLCAT ATTACK! Submissions are welcome, and you can send them to for consideration.

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

It’s all well and good to throw out moth-eaten clothes and old furniture every spring, but that urge to get organized doesn’t have to be limited to wardrobes and decor. From creating “in case of emergency” funds to setting up automatic bill payments, putting your financials in order takes a little elbow grease — but it’s worth it in the end. From LearnVest:

“There are few things better than that amazing, fresh-start feeling you get from blowing the dust off everything. Guess what? The same can be true when it comes to your money…Just like how now can be the perfect time to clean out your closets, it’s also an ideal time to consider organizing, simplifying and helping set yourself up for months of financial success.

To save you time, we asked financial advisers around the country for their best advice on how to spring clean your finances. Consider trying these tactics to do a quick spruce-up.”

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Why Innovation Should Be More like Easter Eggs

Thought innovation and creativity are not one in the same, they do have an undeniable relationship to one another. It takes a creative perspective to be innovative, and many an innovation has inspired subsequent creativity. In the spirit of all the colorful eggs that are about to be hidden away in baskets or forgotten under couches this weekend, Ideas To Go‘s Susan Robertson offers up her reasoning as to why our collective approach to innovation should mirror the way we go about dyeing Easter eggs.

“I recently attended an Easter egg decorating party, where a bunch of adults spent an entire afternoon coloring and bedazzling boiled eggs. None of us have any kids—we did this for the sheer pleasure of creating interesting and attractive objects. I was amazed at the creativity of the ideas that the group came up with in decorating the eggs. (And in case you’re wondering, no, none of us are artists.)

This got me thinking about why, as adults, we don’t exercise our inner child-like creativity more often. And what was it about the Easter egg party that allowed us to so freely generate and express such range and diversity of ideas? I think there were several factors—all of which also apply to innovation.”

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Weekend Habits of the Highly Successful

Super-successful folks are only human, of course, but they’ve managed to capture something a lot of people never really achieve. Some claim they do nothing special in their free time; others have honed secret approaches to life and business; and still others don’t have such a thing as ‘off-hours’, period. But whatever their strategy, it can’t hurt to take a hint from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, authors, and business leaders when it comes to tackling time spent out-of-office.

Business Insider recently put together a video that offers up some great insight into the weekend habits of people like Malcolm Gladwell and Soledad O’Brien. The biggest surprise? They have virtually nothing in common.

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