The Key to Unlocking Your Team’s Potential

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Arwen Heredia

March 7, 2014

Here at Mindjet, we’re always trying to find new and improved ways to be engaged and productive — not just for our products’ sake, but to keep our overall company culture thriving.

One of the tools we use is 15Five, an employee feedback system that helps leaders “surface problems, celebrate wins, discover great ideas, and stay tuned in to morale.” Employees spend a little time each week answering pertinent questions posed by their managers within the platform. After submitting their responses, reports are generated for their respective higher-ups that take just a few minutes to read and respond to. Everything is transparent, and feedback is immediate.

Talent Turnover

With over 2/3 of employees reportedly disengaged at work, it’s clear why decision-makers absolutely need to focus on eliminating the cultural and communication issues that negatively impact engagement. According to the below infographic, 75% of employees that elect to quit their jobs aren’t quitting the company — they’re quitting their bosses. Plus, 32% of employers reported that top talent jumped ship in 2012, and 39% are concerned they’ll see an increase in turnover moving forward. Unlock your team’s potential by checking out the following stats.