Thursday Thought Leadership Roundup: Junk Food for Thought, Business Jargon, and a Call for Speakers

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Arwen Heredia

March 6, 2014

In this week’s thought leadership roundup, we present some content that’s challenging the unfortunately buzz-wordy nature of the phrase. Plus: this year’s Modern Marketing Experience conference takes place in London, and they want to hear what budding TLs have to say.

Big Think and Tom Stewart on Effective Thought Leadership

From thinly-veiled marketing ploys to straight-up jargon, plenty of content that’s floating around masquerades as thought leadership. This short video is packed with an aggressive call to cut it out, and why it’s so important that we collectively stop promoting cheap, imitation perspectives.

Our take: This is just one in a short series from Tom Stewart on the topic of true thought leadership, and all are worth a watch. The reason this is so critical is that true thought leaders and experts have the power to effect real positive change; if they’re getting drowned out by useless noise, everybody loses.

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Is Thought Leadership Just Business Jargon?

From Allen Mireles Marketing:

“We all know them when we see them. A thought leader is an individual, company, or organization regarded as expert in a specialized area or industry. The thought leader is recognized by colleagues, competitors, customers, and prospects as having progressive and innovative ideas and as having been successful in effecting change. The thought leader is one you think of first. The “go to” person.

We have always had thought leaders among us. We just didn’t describe them that way. Wikipedia states the term was coined in 1994 by Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz Allen Hamilton magazine, Strategy & Business.

Fast forward to 2013, when both term and related activity have become ingrained in our lexicon.”

Our take: Much like the video above, this article calls into question the nature of the terminology surrounding thought leadership, and the unfortunate reality that growing popularity sometimes succumbs to dime-a-dozen copycats. Still, true-blue TLs are out there, and worthy of attention, so it’s up to content consumers to keep curating and sharing the stuff that really matters.

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Share Your Thought Leadership at Modern Marketing Experience Europe

From Eloqua:

“Looking to add another thought leadership notch to your marketing maven belt? Perhaps your team moved marketing mountains this past year and you’re looking for a place to showcase your stuff? Join us this fall in London!

The Modern Marketing Experience conference offers an unprecedented opportunity to gain insights from experts in marketing automation, social marketing, content marketing, and big data at a single premier event. With programs designed for Modern Marketing executives and practitioners along transformation and execution tracks, you will take home the strategy and tactics you need to make Modern Marketing strategies succeed in your organization.”

Our take: If you really want to build your own reputation as a thought leader and get your voice heard by the masses, there’s really no better way than to speak up! Plus, conferences like this one provide exceptional learning and networking opportunities. A great place to start for people ready to take their TL to the next level.

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