Enterprise Innovation + Productivity Roll-Up: When Productivity Comes Second, Unlocking Potential, and Cultural Change

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Arwen Heredia

March 31, 2014

This last month, we placed a focus on understanding the connection between innovation and productivity in the enterprise. From analyzing what it means to drive innovation through productivity, to unlocking your team’s potential through engagement, and being aware of how your senses affect the way you work, we made some intriguing discoveries.

Catch up on some of our favorite themed pieces with our March roll-up.

Dynamic Duo: Innovation and Productivity in the Enterprise

“At first glance, productivity and innovation don’t seem to have much in common. As philosophies, they’re fundamentally different: one is rooted in task management and efficiency, the other in expanded ideation and new perspectives. But research shows a distinct correlation between employee engagement and innovation, and productivity is also heavily affected by the investment of the overall workforce.”

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Innovation in the Enterprise: When Productivity Comes Second

“When does productivity take a back seat to innovation? Does being hyper-focused on productivity actually slow down innovation efforts?

In my last blog on productivity and innovation, I described how productivity — much like innovation — cannot be effectively optimized without proper planning. But how much planning is too much? In the quest for innovation, should we abandon the strict confines of productivity to the back seat?”

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Kickstart Innovation and Creativity Using the 5 Senses

“Research out of the University of Washington suggests that creativity may be on the decline. But don’t get discouraged just yet — studies show that actively tapping into our 5 senses gets our brain synapses firing.

Here’s how to tap into your creative potential and drive innovation with the power of sight, smell, touch, sound, and even taste.”

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The Key to Unlocking Your Team’s Potential [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Here at Mindjet, we’re always trying to find new and improved ways to be engaged and productive — not just for our products’ sake, but to keep our overall company culture thriving.

One of the tools we use is 15Five, an employee feedback system that helps leaders “surface problems, celebrate wins, discover great ideas, and stay tuned in to morale.” Employees spend a little time each week answering pertinent questions posed by their managers within the platform. After submitting their responses, reports are generated for their respective higher-ups that take just a few minutes to read and respond to. Everything is transparent, and feedback is immediate.”

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