Thursday Thought Leadership Roundup: Advice From Denise Brosseau, LinkedIn Publishing, and the Age of Online Influence

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Arwen Heredia

February 27, 2014

In this week’s thought leadership roundup, author Denise Brosseau gives some valuable advice to budding thought leaders, we get the latest on how LinkedIn’s updated publishing platform can boost your TL game, and strategic business consultant Ron Sela discusses the relationship between developing thought leadership content and online influence.

Ready to Be a Thought Leader? An Interview with Author Denise Brosseau

From ExpertFile:

“What is expected and even required seems to be changing rapidly,” [says Brosseau]. “The bar is high and hiring managers, media outlets and other gatekeepers expect leaders to establish a quality online presence that showcases their expertise and a unique point of view. Yet many leaders still opt to stay on the sidelines. When you search for them, there is little information or what you do find online is actually harmful to their brand and reputation…

No matter what form factor you’re using – whether you’re writing or speaking – think through how you are adding value. This could be de-mystifying or ‘uncomplexifying’ complex information. Take out the acronyms, take out the jargon, and write or speak at a fifth grade level. Not to insult people, but to inform, educate, and add value. You also add value when you articulate trends or provide your commentary on what others are doing rather than just re-stating the same old information.”

Our take: In addition to the above, Brosseau makes several valid points about how to be a thought leader worth the title, rather than just someone who claims it. Most poignant is her argument that thought leadership is not about making an individual look like an expert, but adding overall value and new information to existing discussions.

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Using LinkedIn to Build Thought Leadership Influence

From CP America:

“Longform posts were previously only offered to a small group of industry leaders known as “LinkedIn Influencers” and were basically blog posts or short articles published directly to the platform. According to LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products, Ryan Roslansky, the influencer posts generate nearly 31,000 views and more than 80 comments, on average. With the new changes, every user will have the opportunity to compose these longform posts and link them to their profile.

[The Benefits]:

  1. Once the article is published it will become a part of your public profile: This means that when someone does a search for you online, this article will come up with your LinkedIn profile. If you are solving a unique challenge in the profession, this could be your opportunity to go into more detail on your LinkedIn page.
  2. LinkedIn will push some of the higher quality content to relevant audiences: If your longform post is well received, it could essentially be disseminated by LinkedIn itself. Talk about having a broad audience!

Our take: These changes to LinkedIn publishing, and the advice from CPA, are applicable to anyone looking for a broader audience and disseminated reach for their content. It’s imperative to tap into new networks in order to grow influence and gain perspective.

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Thought Leadership Marketing In The Age Of Online Influence

From Yahoo Small Business:

“To implement effective thought leadership marketing campaign, it’s necessary that you demonstrate proper analysis, insight, and expertise. You need to be a respected authority regarding issues affecting the industry. The information you share with others must be written, displayed, and packaged for easy consumption without boring the reader. The information must also be relevant, applicable, useful, and be able to reach and speak to your audience in a realistic manner.

Your thought leadership marketing campaign can be effectively supported with content marketing only when the content that you publish is unbiased, original, audience led, research driven, and layered.”

Our take: With the internet world as impacted as it is, pushing thought leadership content to the top of the heap, building a following, and getting heard can be extremely difficult. This piece focuses on simple but practical advice for dealing with these types of challenges, and includes tons of great examples for people to follow. A great, comprehensive intro to the TL landscape.

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