Thursday Thought Leadership Roundup: Visual Content Marketing, Important Distinctions, and A Webinar FTW

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Arwen Petty

February 6, 2014

This week in thought leadership, we’re taking a look at a great upcoming webinar from a group of agile business professionals, the future of visual content marketing, and the important distinctions between thought leadership and content marketing.

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From Brian Cork:

We (the collective business community) are moving away from written content and embracing data visualization in many forms. Well articulated story telling means you know who you are as a company, who your customers are, what the problem is in the marketplace, and how you provide solutions.

That’s damn good business…Rob Riggs at and his team do a brilliant job of being part of the solution for Agco. The message is well articulated, clear, and succinct. Agco knows who needs their solutions and understands how best to deliver them.”

Our take: Effective content marketing comes in a variety of shapes and media types, but it’s more than worthwhile to note the power of visualization in connecting brands and customers.

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What’s the Difference Between Thought Leadership and Content Marketing?

From PropelGrowth:

“Whether it’s an multi-asset class e-commerce platform, pre-trade risk management, or specialized market access; fin-tech providers generally offer sophisticated solutions, and just explaining what “it” is takes a white board and some time.

That’s why content marketing is so critically important for this industry. Content including papers, articles, videos, webinars and blogs can help buyers gradually understand the business needs and the value your solutions can bring to their organizations. In this way, content marketing can drive demand.

But many of our clients are confusing “content marketing” and “thought leadership.” It’s helpful to define the terms in a way that helps differentiate them for use in a marketing strategy. So let’s talk about the use cases for each and how a financial technology vendor should leverage them.”

Our take: This article is particularly interesting because it defines content market as “selling what you have today,” and thought leadership as “driving industry transformation.” An excellent point; understanding this symbiotic relationship is critical for brands that want to maintain market relevance in an incredibly impacted space.

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For The Win: Winning Minds & Markets with Thought Leadership

From ptuOTD:

In this 2-part series, we’ll examine emerging and global brands that have developed a winning thought leadership webinar series and then go behind the scenes for a look at the metrics and methods that made them work.

Learn how to develop a strong thought leadership series by looking at examples, metrics and methods from successful brands.

Register for this live, interactive webinar series to discover:

- 3 successful webinar series from emerging and global brands

- 6 ways to measure webinar effectiveness

- What matters most in a thought leadership series

- How to pull everything together and get started

Our take: Better hurry! The last session takes place on February 12th, 2014. This webinar offers up incredible insight and examples that content marketers and thought leaders alike will find super valuable. This will be particularly useful for people just getting started in the world of thought leadership.

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    Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you found the thought leadership / content marketing distinction helpful.