SpigitEngage February Update: Share the Love with Challenge Sponsors

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Milind Pansare

February 14, 2014

Challenges in SpigitEngage are a powerful way for business sponsors to cultivate the best ideas through crowdsourcing and help solve real business needs on a timeline. With a well phrased question — such as “How may we achieve cost efficiencies immediately that will make us more profitable in Q2?” — a business sponsor can activate the crowd to provide input that generates meaningful business outcomes.

Typically, though, creating Challenges in SpigitEngage has been the realm of administrators, who ensure that Challenges can be structured consistently with the appropriate advanced features. However, it’s often a business sponsor, not the administrator, who is the right person to phrase the Challenge question and the Challenge description. Recognizing this, we’ve now introduced a new role: “Challenge Sponsor.”

What is a Challenge Sponsor?

Following the release of an expanded Challenge template management feature in our previous SaaS release, we now offer the ability to delegate the creation of challenges to a new role.

This new feature allows a user who does not have administrative privileges to easily set up and launch new challenges using a simple method of leveraging a challenge template, as long as they’ve been assigned the Challenge Sponsor role.

The administrator can now deal with advanced features. These include setting up and configuring sophisticated idea graduation criteria, phases of activity, and other challenge features, while leaving the definition of the challenge question and timing to the Challenge Sponsor.

New challenge edit
When a user selects a template, the challenge phases are reflected in the new challenge. The challenge phase durations in the template are respected, based on the new start date for the challenge. The Challenge Sponsor can alter the durations as needed to match their requirements.

This allows the administrator to establish reasonable time frames for the challenge, and suggest these durations to the Challenge Sponsor to use as a guideline when creating a new challenge.

abbreviate edit
When a Challenge Sponsor edits phases, the process is simplified allowing only adjustments to timing and phase names, retaining settings required to maintain the integrity of the challenge configuration.

A Challenge Sponsor can save the challenge as a draft or scheduled challenge. They may also edit the challenge at anytime prior to the challenge start date and time.

Select Challenge Winners_edit
When a challenge completes, the Challenge Sponsor can select winner(s) of the challenge, either by following the selection of the crowd or by selecting individual contributors from a list.

This feature will help innovation practitioners to more easily and quickly deploy challenges requested by their business stakeholders, thereby increasing engagement, interest, and business outcomes.

But wait, there’s more! In this release, we’ve also made it easier to edit idea templates so that you can align the platform more easily with your unique business practices.

Idea Template Editor

A new drag-and-drop editor accessible from the admin console simplifies the definition of  your idea template.

idea template editor edit
Select text fields, drops downs, checkboxes, date fields and more to ensure your innovators are submitting the information you deem necessary when they submit ideas.

Features include:

  • Drag-and-drop to create your form and rearrange the fields.
  • Use the Edit feature to rename the field and set who has access to it.
  • Two new fields: Checkbox group and Radio group.

With Mindjet’s SpigitEngage platform, you can continue to expect software capabilities that will help your organization innovate at scale. And best of all, our periodic Software as a Service releases mean that you get to benefit from these new features simply and reliably when you’re onboard the SaaS release train.