Fun Friday Links: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Link Time VDAY
Arwen Heredia

February 14, 2014

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11 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Techie True Love

Just in case your local drug store turning pink and red and adorable didn’t tip you off: today is, in fact, Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you’re celebrating, you still might think some of Mashable’s top techie gift choices are pretty awesome. From QR code jewelry to wi-fi cufflinks, it’s hard to go wrong with wearable tech. Check out the gallery here.

Source: Mashable

A Valentine’s Day Guide (Whether You Like it or Not)

People scrambling to find a last minute Valentine’s plan or simply some Friday night fun should take a peek at this list of love-themed events from the Washington Post. There’s actually a ton of cool stuff happening, and WP recognizes that the super-gooey is not for everyone. From the list:

“The notion of a love letter seems quaint and especially romantic in this age of e-mail and abbreviated text messages, which makes this party at the National Postal Museum the perfect place to take your special someone. The Story League will share funny, true tales about romance, inspired by Missed Connections postings on Craigslist. Guests can create Mad Libs-esque versions of famous love letters, or use a combination of vintage stamps, ink, stationery and other craft supplies to create valentines. Because this is 2014, there will be a photo booth so you can e-mail your greetings.”

“When you’re eating disgustingly messy food, there’s “no need to look cute,” so dress as comfortably as you like for Bar Pilar’s party. The menu features sloppy Joes and a beef heart tartare with Sriracha and chilis, while bartenders will be mixing a selection of bitter drinks, including a Malort Bomb. That’s the bitter, wormwood-based liqueur Malort mixed with the grapefruit-based Stiegl-Radler beer. Pucker up.”

Source: Washington Post

12 Great V-Day Apps

For some, tonight will mark the one and only solid few hours that they’re not staring at their phones, and instead are gazing lovingly into their partner’s eyes. For others, the evening will involve pizza and Netflix, and for those unfortunate few who made a first-date snap decision, an awkward night with a new prospect. Whatever your plans, it’s always a good idea to have a backup — these awesome apps could be the key to making V-Day 2014 your best yet.

For those who need an escape:

“You’re on a date, when you suddenly realize it’s absolutely terrible and has no chance of redemption. None of your friends will reply to your furtive text messages, asking them to call so you can fake an emergency and get out of there. For a last ditch effort, employ Date Escape, a $0.99 app that fakes phone calls and texts, so you can politely, but urgently, escape.

For those who want to use their words:

“Want to say something romantic, but struggle with stringing poetic words together? Scroll through the Love Poems app for Android, and you just might happen upon a beautiful poem you’ve never heard before. You can also grab and send available poems through text, email or Twitter.”

Check out all of the apps here.

Source: Mashable