Thursday Thought Leadership Roundup: Excellent Examples, a White Paper, and a Podcast

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Arwen Heredia

January 30, 2014

This week’s thought leadership roundup is focused on great examples and lessons from which any company can learn a thing or two: a SlideShare full of great examples, a white paper riddled with statistics and research, and a podcast laden with lessons (and banter, which is always a plus). Bonus: this article didn’t make today’s list, but it’s still worth the read.

17 Excellent Examples of Content Marketing in Australia [SLIDESHARE]

From ExperMedia:

“Google tells us the search trend for the term ‘content marketing’ is on the up, while according to one research report, spending on content marketing in Australia is set to increase by 61 per cent, with 12 per cent of respondents saying they will be ‘significantly increasing’ their budget this year.

Obviously this augurs well for the nascent content marketing ‘industry’ in Australia.”

Our take: No matter what region your business calls its own, great content marketing is great content marketing. This presentation captures some truly valuable and creative pieces that are sure to help inspire and shape how your organization develops thought leadership pieces and drives rich content.

Read the full article >>

Why Every Company Should Invest in Thought Leadership [WHITE PAPER]

From the African Business Review:

“Thought leadership is not a science. It is difficult to measure its effects on sales, but large organizations continue to develop it because it creates a context beyond products and sales. It helps organizations connect with customers and community, citizens and investors. Thought leadership contributes to good will and helps establish credibility and trust — but perhaps most importantly, thought leadership pushes an organization to look beyond itself internally and become better.

At the basic level, thought leadership represents the highest form of marketing content. Thought leadership offers insights, guidance, advice, observations and inspiration. As much as those attributes define thought leadership, it is perhaps through negative examples, that it often proves difficult for sales minded organizations to connect it with a revenue outcome.

Our take: Companies are starting to recognize the utter importance of paying attention to emerging markets. This white paper showcases exactly how impactful developing thought leadership in uncharted territory can be for any business.

Read the full white paper >>

Content Marketing – Tell Your Story [PODCAST]

From Beers, Blokes, and Business:

We’ve heard about it. Content marketing. What the heck does it mean? Where is the ROI? Where should I publish? What should I publish? All these questions are answered plus more with some great real world examples with blokes that have made the mistakes and found what works for them. [In this podcast, you’ll learn]:

  • What is “Thought Leadership”
  • Don’t worry about mistakes – publish without thinking
  • If you can’t write you can still produce content
  • You don’t need to be on everything
  • Your sales people are a content resource
  • People like Koalas & mattresses
  • How the Honey Bar grows with content with this touching tale
  • Why you need Google authorship
  • Why @gustheboxer is a better content marketer than @scottkilmartin
  • You can’t not do it.
  • Everyone has 24 hours a day
  • Consistency is key

Our take: This podcast is engaging, intelligent, and extremely candid. A great listen for anyone who wants a transparent take on why thought leadership and strategic content marketing are so necessary for business success. The hosts are also clearly drinking the entire time, which makes for a little fun, too.

Listen to the podcast >>

  • Trevor Young

    Hi Arwen , thanks for the shout-out for the 17 EXCELLENT EXAMPLES OF CONTENT MARKETING IN AUSTRALIA SlideShare presentation – it was great to finally be able to package the case examples in the one presentation after researching them all individually over a period of time.
    Cheers, Trevor (founder, Expermedia)

    • Arwen Petty

      My pleasure, Trevor! Excellent presentation.