Where Good Ideas Come From [VIDEO]

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Arwen Heredia

January 29, 2014

“Good ideas normally come from the collisions between smaller hunches so that they form something bigger than themselves…the chance favors the connected mind.”

It’s one of the universal questions for leaders trying to drive and mechanize innovation: where do good ideas actually come from? How can we inspire the kind of thinking that brings them about, and encourage a company culture that’s encouraging and collaborative?

After all, innovation starts with great ideas. And although most companies aren’t quite right that innovation woes are due to a lack of ideation, it’s still important to consider how to build, improve, and catalyze concepts and objectives.

Digging In

In this video, innovator and author Steven Johnson delves into the realities of ideation and shares his findings about what it takes to develop a truly innovative environment that not only harnesses ideas effectively, but that actually galvanizes them.