Fun Friday Links: Happy Chinese New Year, The World’s First Freelance Programmer, and Some Facts About Super Bowl 2014

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Arwen Heredia

January 31, 2014

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15 Mesmerizing Moments From Chinese New Year Celebrations

Happy Year of the Horse, everyone! Chinese New Year yields some of the world’s most beautiful celebrations. From Mashable:

Chinese New Year, which is celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar, indicates both the moon phase and the time of the solar year. That’s why the Chinese New Year always falls on different dates in the Western calendar, which is Gregorian.

Celebrations for the Year of the Horse included fireworks, firecrackers, masks, costumes, prayers and colorful light displays. But this year’s celebrations were partly dampened by pollution.


See all 15 of the images here.

Source: Mashable.

Dame Steve Shirley, the World’s First Freelance Programmer

Freelancers exist in tons of industries, from writing to photography, music, and even teaching. But software programming usually isn’t one of those fields. Enter Dame Shirley, the world’s first freelance programmer and one of the most intriguing ladies to ever wander the earth. From Brainpickings:

When she was five years old, Dame Stephanie “Steve” Shirley, born Vera Buchthal, fled Nazi Germany as a child refugee, escaping certain death and plunging into a life that would show her a quieter yet oppressively persistent kind of discrimination and injustice…Steve Shirley went on to become the world’s first freelance programmer and founded the software company F.I. Group in 1962, one of the UK’s earliest startups.

She says, “The fact that I almost died in the Holocaust means that I’m very motivated to make sure that each day is worth living, that my life was worth saving… I had built a determination that I was not going to let other people define me, to break through, to build something new, to not be put off by the conventions of the day.”

Source: Brainpickings.

10 Super Bowl Facts Every Brand Should Know

In case you’re anti-televised sports, live under a rock, or are simply devastated beyond measure by your favorite football team’s loss this year, we’d like to remind you that Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. In the spirit of collaboration, the below infographic combines facts about this historic event and things that all brand marketers should know. Enjoy, and may the best team win.

Super Bowl 2014 infographic FINAL
Source: Unruly Media.