Fun Friday Links: 2014 Predictions for Innovation, Big Data, and Mobile

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Arwen Heredia

December 27, 2013

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Enterprises Look Beyond the Device

Though mobility is one of those things that companies more or less expect out of devices, software, and other programs, there’s always room for improvement — especially when it comes to improving return all on types of investments. From Wired:

“With 2014 around the corner and budget planning taking place, trimming costs while enhancing efficiencies and productivity for employees is once again top of mind for executives and department heads. Also at the forefront is the slew of new technologies introduced to the marketplace aimed at helping organizations streamline their activities and proactively manage some basic — and not-so-basic tasks — throughout the enterprise.

For instance, mobility is one of the staples of any business that continues to innovate, and we see 2014 as an evolutionary year in terms of the overall management of mobility technologies. In addition, some of the bigger trends and moves we see enterprise organizations adopting in 2014 include [the shift to real-time services, unmetered mobility, continuous consolidation in the mobility management market, and enterprises looking beyond the device.]”

Source: Wired

6 Bold Big Data Predictions

Big Data got a lot of attention in 2013, as organizations realized a relentless and often unmet need for a way to sift through quickly-expanding information. As we head into the new year, InnovationWeek predicts a great deal of acceleration, a migration to the cloud, failing Hadoop projects, a growing need for automated tools, and more. Read the full list of predictions here.

Source: InformationWeek

A Magic Tipping Point for Innovation Change

Innovation quickly rocketed from buzzword to critical business practice in 2013, and it’s only going to get more intense. From Innovation Excellence:

“We are certainly seeing innovation has moved well beyond just products. It is exploring the value of combining or even separating services, changing value propositions on a more consistent basis and exploring new business models far more openly. Organizations are far more open to the search for their future growth than before. Each avenue for innovation to be traveled will be explored far more in our innovation activities in 2014.

As growth comes increasingly back on the agenda for most organizations, it will come far more from exploiting through a greater organic growth approach. Yet to achieve the ambitious growth targets that many organizations are seemingly talking about, there needs to be a radical overhaul of internal innovation understanding and structures.

Mindsets are ripe to make significant change.”

Source: Innovation Excellence