Fun Friday Links: Reprogramming a Life, 362 Holiday Ice Breakers, and Becoming a CEO

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Arwen Petty

December 13, 2013

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Inside a Homeless Man’s Quest to Reprogram His Life

We’ve all heard one or two magnificent rags-to-riches stories, but it’s not often that we get to see the in-depth mechanics of the hard work, struggle, and dedication it takes to make them happen. Meet Leo Grand, a 37-year-old New York City resident who’s been called a programming ‘genius’ by many. He also happens to be homeless. From Mashable:

Leo, by his own admission, had absolutely no knowledge of computer programming when Patrick approached him in late August offering a choice between two months of coding lessons and $100 in cash. Two months stretched into three-and-a-half, but earlier this week, they achieved their goal of launching mobile app. The eco-friendly car pool organizer called “Trees for Cars” went live for iOS and Android users Tuesday at midnight.

With Patrick’s guidance, Leo wrote each one of the 3,621 lines of code that dictate the look and functionality of Trees for Cars.

Patrick and Leo’s story has propelled them to a degree of overnight fame neither of them expected. They have appeared on NBC and CNN, and countless online publications have written about them. They’ve had vocal fans and critics alike throughout the process. The situation has brought them together not only as student and teacher, but also as friends.

To learn more about Leo’s amazing journey, read the full article and watch the video here.

Source: Mashable

362 Holiday Party Conversation Topics That Beat Staring at Your Phone

In light of today’s superstar personal technology, anti-social socializing is becoming a bit of an epidemic. This holiday season, consider referring to this list of (sometimes ridiculous) conversation topics to use at various festivities, instead of retreating to the comfort of your phone. From twerking, to rising fuel costs, Rick James, hobbies, urban farming and zombies, it’d be pretty tough to run out of something to keep the chit-chat going. Get the full list here, and have a happy, sociable holiday season.

Source: Gizmodo

Do You Have What It Takes to Be CEO?

Sad as it is, not everyone has the makings of a manager, let alone the truly strong leadership qualities and negotiation skills necessary for becoming a chief executive. This infographic details the many common traits, qualities, characteristics, and backgrounds of today’s global CEOs. Do you make the grade?

CEO Infographic

Source: Mashable