The 12 Days of Mind Mapping: Two Favorite Blogs

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December 10, 2013

On the second day of mind mapping, we’d like to share with you…two of our favorite mind mapping blogs and a reminder about yesterday’s post — in case you still haven’t gotten around to sending your holiday greetings.

These blogs are chock-full of great content that expertly highlights the power of mind mapping and visualization — get reading!

The Mind Mapping Software Blog

This blog, authored by super-mapper Chuck Frey, is the internet’s one-stop hub for all things mind mapping and visual thinking. News, resources, tools, webinars, software reviews — you name it, this blog is on top of it, and quickly.

The Mind Map Blog

If the straightforward moniker doesn’t convince you that this delightful blog is a premier resource for mind mappers everywhere, the content certainly will. Founder and publisher Chance Brown is a mind mapping philosophy guru, and is on a mission to help the world leverage the power of visualization in every aspect of work and daily life.

Bonus — head on over to Conspire’s Mind Mapping section to see what we have to say about it.

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