The 12 Days of Mind Mapping: Five Mappers’ Stories

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December 13, 2013

On the fifth day of mind mapping, we’d like to give to you…five user testimonials! And don’t forget — four Maps for That, three things to do, two favorite blogs, and a great eCard resource for the holidays.

These users are dedicated mind mappers who use the power of visualization to enhance their professional success. Read the excerpts below, and be sure to check out the full articles, which include examples of maps they’ve created using Mindjet.

Lauren Duensing, Program Director

From her Spotlight:

“Being a visual, creative and often out of the box thinker, the ability to quickly toss ideas onto paper in a non-linear and fun fashion, was not only addictive, but productive and freeing. I have used mind maps for personal use, for outlining writing projects, and most recently at NICA for vision, collaboration, project management and planning.”

Read the full article >>

Renee’ Groskreutz, VP and Creative Barista

From her Spotlight:

“[Mindjet] has basically become my second brain. When someone says to me, “I have a great idea,” I tend to whip out my iPad and immediately start mind mapping it. I use it to map out blogs on a quarterly basis or just as a place to brain dump as I have ideas. And I use it to organize process and procedures for my business.”

Read the full article >>

Ekso Bionics

From their Spotlight:

“Ekso Bionics is committed to helping people rethink their physical limitations through technology, and it’s more than an honor to know that Mindjet has been a part of that process…Ekso specifically needed help from hospitals to conduct research that would prove the positive medical benefits of their Ektoskeleton for home use, so Gudmundsson created a map as a springboard for building up a study in Europe. The map helped to organize thoughts as well as explain the research and end goal to doctors, fellow researchers, and in-house clinical directors. In the end it became a complete discussion guide for gauging how well the company’s work and research agenda would align with each hospital. The more aligned, the likelier they were to partner with Ekso.”

Read the full article and watch the video >>

Andreas Lercher, Founder of Lerchertrain

From his Spotlight:

“In 2002 I met Maria Beyer. She learned Mind-Mapping from Tony Buzan and still is “Mrs. Mind-Mapping” in Germany. Maria had also a connection to Mindjet. At this time Maria started an exclusive Mind-Mapping education [program] for Trainers and Teachers and I was her first pupil. From this time on I never stopped using MindManager.”

Read the full article >>

Daxs A. Stadjuhar, President and CEO

From his Spotlight:

“I rely on Mindjet every single day. The program is always open on one of my computer screens. While I’ve been using mind mapping software since 2011 to build processes for our business, I was only recently introduced to Mindjet at a small “IPad Best Practices Meeting” in the summer of 2012. I immediately adopted the software for its unparalleled functionality across devices and user-friendly mapping technology. It has since become one of our executive team’s primary collaboration tools.”

Read the full article >>

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