Fun Friday Links: Happy Birthday Hermann, Lovely Science Maps, and Star Wars Personalities

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Arwen Heredia

November 8, 2013

Welcome to Conspire’s Super Happy Fun Friday Link Time, a weekly collection of cool discoveries from around the Web. Most times the goal is to get you thinking differently about communication, collaboration, culture, and life in general. Other times, LOLCAT ATTACK! Submissions are welcome, and you can send them to for consideration.

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…Your Innermost Desires

Today is Swiss psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach’s birthday, and Google decided to honor it with an interactive version of the infamous Rorschach inkblot test as today’s Google Doodle. If you’re unfamiliar with the test, it’s the process by which a person is shown a series of inkblots and asked to describe what they see. Based on the answers, a professional is able to map out personality characteristics and emotional stability.

You can refresh the Google homepage to your heart’s content and share what you see with the world via Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Happy birthday, Hermann.

Source: Google

Science is Beautiful, as Usual

As proponents of data visualization, it’s always a treat for us to see it done especially well. And as the amount of data collected globally reaches astonishing heights, scientists are finding that creating artful representations of that data is not only extremely useful, but gorgeous, too. From Wired:

In a push for better perspective, a group of information scientists in 2005 created a decade-long competitive art exhibit called Places & Spaces: Mapping Science. From artistic pop-culture plots to illustrations of the state of scientific collaboration (above), the founders hope winning entries inspire researchers to present their troves of data in clever and digestible ways.

“Good science maps give you a holistic understanding of how the data is structured,” said information scientist Katy Börner of Indiana University, a founder and curator of the exhibit. “You don’t just have to use maps to find your way home. They can be ways to get global overviews on topics.”

View the full slideshow here.

Source: Wired

R2-D2, The Inventor

At the risk of getting ridiculously geeky, here is an infographic of Myers-Briggs personality types…as they relate to Star Wars characters. You can take the official test here (warning — it’s pretty long, so don’t forget to come back), but once you know your personality code, take a peek at the interstellar idol you best match up with.

Our apologies ahead of time to the ESFJs of the world.