7 Innovations We’re Grateful Exist for Thanksgiving This Year

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Fall cornucopia on a White back ground
Arwen Heredia

November 27, 2013

As we head into the next 24 hours of food comas, family, and reflection, it’s worth noting how different tomorrow will be from many Thanksgivings of yore. For one thing, no one is (probably) arriving at their family’s home in covered wagons and bonnets, but even the most traditional of traditions will be heavily impacted by amazing innovations in technology and its many kin.

Here are 7 that we’re thankful for this year.

1. Wi-fi

Not to dismiss the heartfelt purpose behind Thanksgiving, but we all know the truth — after the food has been devoured, the drinks poured, and the football game turned on, those not passed out or interested in touchdowns will likely be looking for some mindless entertainment. And since many of us will not be recovering in the comfort of our own homes, wi-fi plays a very important role in helping people get their much needed internet fix no matter where they happen to be digesting.

2. The Cloud

Speaking of internet, if it weren’t for The Cloud, you might be left listening to your auntie’s extensive Liza Minnelli collection instead of having access to your own tunes. And if you’re into Liza with a Z, you’ll be able to download her greatest hits directly to your library without anyone the wiser.

3. Skype (and Other Video Chat Services)

Thanksgiving is all about pie family, and video chat services like Skype make it possible to bring people together from all four corners of the world. There’s something very, very special about being able to celebrate your blessings with all of your loved ones, no matter where they are.

4. Smartphones

Please. How else am I supposed to Instagram my magnificent mashed potato tower?

5. Apps for Everything

Whoever the lucky individual is that’s responsible for cooking the Thanksgiving feast, there’s no doubt that things like recipe apps, cooking videos, food blogs, and even the NFL app will make their job and their day a little bit easier, and more importantly, enjoyable. If you’ve ever attempted to bake using a classic, brick-thick cookbook, you’ll understand.

6. Social Media

For many people, attending family-oriented holidays is bittersweet, since it often means not being around loved ones they aren’t blood related to. And as much as nonsense tends to flood our feeds on a regular basis, social media does give us a glimpse into our friends’ lives, traditions, families, and things that make them happy that really wouldn’t otherwise exist. And that’s pretty amazing.

7. Pie

Not new, but obviously.