Innovation Just Got Personal: Introducing the New SpigitEngage

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Kate Bennet

October 1, 2013

Your Company Needs You

As we recently discussed in our whitepaper on Driving Repeatable Business Innovation, 75% of executives are concerned they don’t have enough transformational ideas to drive growth. And with the average lifespan of a successful S&P Company now just 15 years (down from 67 years in the 1920s), they have good reason to be worried. It’s innovate or die.

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Many of these executives are turning to innovation to not only help them survive but to thrive, with 93% hitching their company’s long-term success to their ability to innovate. With such high stakes, they are looking beyond the C-suite for the best and brightest ideas. Innovation is no longer someone else’s job. It’s part of the bread and butter of everyone’s role — your personal quest to improve the way people work, what the company delivers, and the contributions you make.

What Motivates You?

But, time is short — and you’re often dashing from meeting to phone call, wired into work from breakfast to bed. When you’re asked to take part in the company’s innovation program, there aren’t enough hours in the day to hunt for relevant ideas or chase people down. Abraham Maslow and Clayton Alderfer suggested that every individual has needs that must be satisfied to prevent frustration and de-motivation. Your company needs you; but where does innovation fit in with what you need?

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Clayton P Alderfer’s ERG Theory distinguishes three categories of human needs that influence behaviour.

Here at Mindjet, we recognize the needs of companies and understand what motivates people. We know that innovation is often achieved when diverse inputs are leveraged — and diverse inputs don’t exist without you, your buddy, and all of your other colleagues participating.

That’s why we’ve fine-tuned Spigit Engage to better serve you, making it personalized and actionable. You can now see what’s relevant to you in a snap, catch the important conversations while they’re happening, and take action quickly — satisfying your ‘relatedness’ and ‘growth’ needs, and enabling you to innovate faster from first idea to final task. The new release of Spigit Engage is more focused and more personalized to increase your engagement and participation, and give your innovation program the greatest chance of success.

Introducing the Next Generation of Spigit Engage

Spigit Engage introduces your Personalized Hub — a one-stop-shop that gives a focused overview of everything going on in the community that matters to you. At the heart of your hub is an actionable activity stream that can be filtered and managed to show everything, just your stuff, or only the things that you’re interested in. Now, you can complete actions from within the activity stream so you never have to go ‘off reservation’ to do the tasks you need to do most. Trending Ideas makes sure you don’t miss the hot conversations, and the Challenges Carousel highlights the open challenges that need your input.

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Your Personalized Hub

Going hand in hand with the activity stream is your personal inbox. Conversations don’t happen in isolation — they flow from one day to the next, location to location. When the conversation moves smoothly, it encourages collaboration and engages the participants. With your personal inbox, you’ll never miss a message or update; the inbox puts all your personal notifications, tasks and conversations in one place, and lets you know when there’s an update waiting for your attention.

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Personal inbox.

How Does This Help?

The changes we’re introducing in the latest version of Spigit Engage enable:

  • Increased participation. Personalized and actionable view gives a focused insight into everything that matters.
  • Increased engagement. Active collaboration across the process through a one-stop ‘Hub’, new personal inbox, and quick view of interactions in the activity stream.
  • Increased efficiency. Improved, intuitive design so you can complete more actions without going off the page.

Spigit Engage from Mindjet: stop relying on serendipity for great results.

Innovation just got personal! Interested in finding out the details? Learn more, check out the press release, or get in touch.