WEBINAR: The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration

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Anna Li

October 2, 2013

What exactly is “creative conspiracy?” It’s when team members collaborate to build something greater than themselves, accumulating more energy and excitement along the way. It’s the kind of collaboration that drives results.

How can we introduce creative conspiracy into the workplace? How can we create an environment where communication, cooperation, and collaboration reign supreme? The truth is that we live in that world today. The success of most of our projects depends on how effectively you can collaborate with team members.

According to Leigh Thompson, author of Creative Conspiracy: The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration, “collaboration that is conscious, planned, and focused on generating new ideas builds excitement” and produces what she calls a ‘creative conspiracy.’ “Teams that conspire to organize themselves, motivate one another, and combine their talents to meet creative challenges are the hallmark of the most successful organizations.”

In her upcoming webinar, Thompson will walk us through her research findings on collaboration. Some are quite surprising:

  1. As a group, a team is less creative than the individuals
  2. Setting rules and guidelines actually increases creativity
  3. Aiming for quality ideas rather than quantity inhibits innovation

Thompson combines research with concrete examples to offer advice on how teams can make the most of creative collaboration.

Watch now.