Fun Friday Links: You Can’t Tell Your Brain What to Think, GoPro Like an Eagle, and 8 Future Careers

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Arwen Heredia

September 20, 2013

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Don’t Think About Pink Elephants

What are thoughts, exactly? In short, we’re not totally sure. But what we do know is that the generation of thought is based in the biological system of our brains, and more specifically, the complex web of neurons firing off electrical signals at each other in order to conjure up images and ideas. As a result, we also know that in order to tell ourselves to not think about something, at least some part of the brain has to keep that in mind (pun totally intended), even if just to remind us not to think about it.

This nifty video from NewScientistVideo goes into more detail, including the difference between ‘perception’ and ‘thought’, and why our brains are at fault for our collective inability to solve the mysteries of the universe. Seriously, though — stop thinking about pink elephants. They’re not even real.

Source: Gizmodo

A New, Fantastic Point of View

In short, some guy managed to strap a GoPro to an eagle, which then flew around to give us grounded creatures a stunning view of the Chamonix valley of France’s Mer de Glace.

I am admittedly more than a little interested in finding out how this person wrangled a wild bird into a camera gadget, but the footage is breathtaking all the same, and it just goes to show that the further we advance our technology, the closer we can be with nature. And in this man’s case, that’s very, very close (perhaps too close, if you catch his face at 0:22).

Source: YouTube

2025: Year of Digital Death and Detox

Technology has a way of making the once-necessary totally pointless, and the totally pointless suddenly totally necessary. But for all of the incredibl(-y cheesy) sci-fi fun of the last oh, hundred years, we’re still not blessed with the hoverboards and fully-automated flying cars we were promised. And as the year 2025 looms at just over a decade away, it looks like we’ll be heading less towards a post-apocalyptic utopia and more towards the management of 3D printables and urban beehives.

The employees at Sparks & Honey, a New York-based trend-spotting firm, came up with a handful of whimsical future jobs, including everything from Digital Death Managers to Urban Shepherds. Check out the full list here — might be time for some of us to steer our professions in a different direction, no?

Source: FastCompany