Business Innovation Done Right [INFOGRAPHIC]

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jascha kaykas-wolff

September 16, 2013

Innovation is vital to achieve success in today’s evolving marketplace, but it’s easier said than done. In reality, most companies struggle to achieve true innovation, despite acknowledging its importance. Whether due to a lack of resources or ability, many companies remain stagnant.

But recent data shows that’s only part of the puzzle, and that a holistic, structured approach to innovation is one that works — and that yields real business results. Check out the full infographic below for more on what really fosters innovation.

VTA Infographic_branded
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To read more about how a holistic approach can benefit your organization, check out the complete Vision to Action™ Lifecycle white paper.

35 Responses to “Business Innovation Done Right [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. limitedto

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  2. Al Beaut

  3. Atul

    Innovation in organizations, especially large organizations depends a lot on having an innovative, innovation friendly, innovation oriented culture. Tools can help develop that culture as well as improve and manage the outcomes of innovation processes and value of innovations and innovative solutions. I hope tools are designed with such organization level objectives as well.

  4. Grant Millin

    Hi Jascha,

    Please share the links or APA references to the research behind the infographic.

  5. hobgoblin

    “Innovation” is what big companies have to do, small companies and freelancers just look for ways of making money. Find it, then get good at doing it, all the while trying new stuff. All this management talk is making me ill.

  6. Kaylee Kolditz

    I appreciate the compilation of data from a variety of sources. I agree with the line of comments below…what this addresses is holistic innovation — no one piece can make innovation happen. People, process, tools/technology and leadership all play an important part. I’d also add that education — staying up on the trends, getting training, attending workshops to learn and share success and failure — is important for sustaining an innovation culture.

    • Grant Millin

      One key process, really a job in larger organizations, is innovation intelligence. Thus CIOs (chief innovation officers). For SMEs and big orgs alike allowing open innovation just as a place to swarm innovation intelligence can be a place to start or enhance.

  7. Bob Levy

    I take issue with, “Whether due to a lack of resources or ability, many companies remain stagnant.”
    Innovation remains a communication issue. People must have open minds.
    Management in the enterprise must WANT, DEMAND and appreciate new ideas.

    Sure, tools help but NO TOOL will ever overcome the resistance of management to change. The tool vendors will disagree, but the simple fact is that organizations doing well (Public, Private, Nonprofit AND Government) and have management making a lot of money are reluctant to ANY change. Tools do not change that!

    One look at the pension crisis proves (in my mind) that change is a very difficult task. Our elected/appointed officials are doing well thanks to the taxpayers and they are reluctant to any change!

    Pensions, to a large degree, have disappeared from the non government space and the only tool needed for that was a spreadsheet and common sense.

    • Parker Trewin

      Bob, I see your point. I think the point of the graphic isn’t so much to say that tools and software are the solution but are an important part of the solution. You need champions. You need process and structure. With that in place software can enable a repeatable process. And even with this in place, yes, change is hard.

    • jascha kaykas-wolff

      Bob, I understand what you are saying and to be clear my perspective is that tools and business process together matched with people are what helps drive innovation. As far as i’m concerned resources or ability are synonymous with business processes, tools and people.



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