Fun Friday Links: The Time-World, Google Conquers the Sea, and a Geeky Tavern

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Arwen Heredia

August 23, 2013

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Time: Not Something We Understand

We’re all about the productivity tips here at Mindjet HQ, but something we hadn’t really considered was that it’s kind of necessary to understand how we actually spend time, before we can truly start to maximize it. In this piece by FastCompany, Drake Baer uses the question posed in Wait, a book about the art and science of delay, to bring some insight to why we behave the way we do when it comes to “what time-world we’re living in.”

“Procrastination is closely related to impatience. Their kinship is based on our bias toward the present over the future. Both are examples of the human tendency to over-discount future events. In both impatience and procrastination, we overweight the immediate. The main difference between the two is whether the immediate thing we are over-weighting is a benefit or a cost.”

Source: FastCompany

Google Goes Under(water)

Google Street View is one of my favorite time-wasters, whether I’m giggling at some of the ridiculous things it’s captured on camera, or just making sure you can’t see into my apartment from the road. And, as an avid lover of the sea and (most of) its many creatures, I am beyond thrilled that Google has taken both the idea and the technology to give us a similar view of the world’s coral reefs and the animals that dwell within them.

More than just for fun, the hope is that this up-close-and-personal look at the deteriorating health of the reefs will boost awareness and spark change. I hope so, Google. I really do.

Source: Mashable

Raise a Glass to Geekery

From Geek Bar Chicago’s Kickstarter page:

Everyone wants to belong, and everyone wants a sense of home.

At Geek Bar, we’re giving Chicago a place to commune and celebrate our love for geek culture in all its forms. A home in this city full of geeks! Geek Bar will be your sanctuary where you and your friends can gather to relax after a long day. We’ll be a warm, inviting space that will set you instantly at ease, immersed in geek culture and surrounded by like-minded folks. From science to science-fiction, fantasy to technology, geeks of all stripes will find Geek Bar to be a space that suits their unique needs.

Food and cocktails will be totally geek-themed, including a drink named after H.P. Lovecraft’s infamous Cthulu (the drink is called the Cthulutini — amazing).

I’ll drink to that.

Source: Kickstarter