The Future of Marketing is Collaborative [INFOGRAPHIC]

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May 29, 2013

Managed right, a variety of skill sets and ideas in one melting pot can yield innovative and sustainable business results. But in today’s socially-powered world communication is once again quite personal, meaning top-notch collaboration must transcend far beyond the office. Now, the most forward-thinking companies are expanding collaboration by bringing their very customers into the process.

Present day examples include customer communities, which aim to take socialization to the next step by extracting value from B2C engagement. After all, giving customers an opportunity provide insight is a pretty good way to go about gathering customer insight, ya know? And the good news is that they really, really love it. Being included in the ideation process, having a voice and feeling relevant fulfills basic human needs, which in turn inspires happiness and brand loyalty.

Connecting Brands to Fans

Crowdtap is one in a handful of players attempting to establish their place in this growing space, and so far so good: they were recently named one of the Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Companies. Their infographic below illustrates what they’re calling the third wave of social marketing, and highlights interesting finds such as:

  • In five years, the number of people who have provided ideas to brands has increased 35% 
  • 70% of people feel most loyal to brands that listen to feedback 
  • 64% of people are likely to purchase a product they helped ideate 
  • Brand advocates spend twice as much as your typical customer 

Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments below. Are you currently exploring collaborative marketing strategies? If so, what’s working and what isn’t?



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