Time Management Month: Top 10 Office Time Wasters [INFOGRAPHIC]

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February 20, 2013

According to OfficeTime.net, February is recognized as Time Management Month. In honor of saving our seconds, the site released its annual Top Ten Time Killers list (infographic style), as well as some tips on how to combat them.

It should come as no real shocker that e-mail is listed as the number one culprit here–several companies, including Atlassian, released similar reports last year that revealed the same results. In this particular survey, 33% of respondents reported spending between one to two hours per day contending with their inboxes, and a whopping 22% top even that. In fact, unlike all other activities, e-mail affected each and every one of the respondents. In other words, you can be certain of three things if you’re living in a world of business: death, taxes and e-mail.

How to fight the good fight? First, identify what sort of procrastinator you are. OfficeTime.net labels each of us one of three: Last Minute Procrastinator, Fear Procrastinator or a Decisional Procrastinator. Check the infographic below to find your type, and how you can turn your bad habits on their heads.

Infographic: Top 10 Time Killers

Top 10 Time Killers – An infographic by the team at OfficeTime Time Tracking


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