Mindjet 11.2 Release is Now Available

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Mindjet 11 for Windows

February 26, 2013

The latest service release of Mindjet for Windows version 11 is now available for you to download!

The 11.2 release fixes issues such as:

  • Shows hyperlinks in Mindjet Files, and access files from the Open File dialog
  • Adds the ability to query Mindjet Tasks by start date
  • Improved display of name and e-mail information for Mindjet Tasks resources
  • On Gantt charts, use an orange line to show the current date
  • Change the default search settings to search in the current map


In addition, there has been a huge amount of work done to dramatically improve both the quality and stability of the integration of Mindjet for Windows and the Mindjet web app.

We recommend downloading and installing the service pack to improve your overall experience with Mindjet for Windows. In addition to the service pack executable, there is also a complete set of release notes to help you review the specific issues that have been addressed. (Download update)

For additional handy data, check out the Mindjet Community support site where you’ll find latest feedback from customers as well as replies from Mindjet employees.

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