New Ways to Share Your Mapping Prowess!

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Michael Deutch

December 20, 2011

At MapsForThat! we’ve just made it easier to share your work with your co-workers, contractors, friends and family.  With a single click you share maps from right within MapsForThat.

Now when you visit the site you can “like”, tweet, link and yes even email your maps directly from the MapsForThat! Community. Also, if you’re a blogger or have a website, you can also embed maps directly into your site or blog! Simply, click the ‘more’ link to see your embed options.

So go ahead, share your favorite map with the world!

3 Responses to “New Ways to Share Your Mapping Prowess!”

  1. Mike Knowles

    I’m using MindJet to develop ideas for a website and wanted to know “How to simply save my project ideas AS the actual website?” seems like a logical progression…simply take the map and make it a website.
    I’m a newbie, so I may be missing something (or a lot) and just wanted some input or direction.



  1.  Mind news and management - New Ways to Share Your Mapping Prowess!

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