Mindjet for Android Available Today!

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Michael Deutch

December 13, 2011

A few months ago, our Chief Products Officer Blaine Mathieu wrote a blog post which focused on our mobile strategy and highlighted our support for the iOS (iPad/iPhone) platform. Our strategy is simple and powerful: enable you to work the way you want, where you want and on your platform of choice.

Today, we continue to deliver on this promise with the introduction of our latest mobile app – Mindjet for Android!  Look it for it live on the Android Marketplace starting 4PM PST!

The Android platform just passed 10 billion downloads and with Android compatibility Mindjet is most ubiquitous mapping solution on the planet. With the announcement of Mindjet for Android, Mindjet now has the most popular information mapping apps across Android and iOS devices.

With the launch 67% of the world’s smart phone users can leverage Mindjet’s mobile apps to create and collaborate on the go. Our iOS apps have already been hugely successful hitting the top of the charts with over 325,000 downloads to date. Like our iOS apps, Mindjet for Android is available at no charge to you. We’re excited to watch as Android fans discover the ease and power of mapping on the go.

Productivity on the go

With Mindjet for Android you have a pocket productivity tool that will help you capture ideas, create business plans, and organize your thinking so you can be more productive and get more accomplished.

Mindjet for Android has many uses, from business professionals that want to stay on top the latest plans to authors and bloggers who want to flesh out their ideas and thoughts. Michael Scott, the author of the New York Times best-selling novel, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, plans to utilize Mindjet for Android to visualize plot lines wherever he might be. “Now when I get a story idea I can quickly capture it as the inspiration hits. With Mindjet for Android I can develop plot lines and twists whether I’m behind my desk, headed to a book signing or out in the field doing research. Next to my word processor, Mindjet is my essential software.”

Brainstorm on the fly

You no longer have to rely on the back of a napkin! Whether you are dreaming up your next business, creating lists or charting out your future strategic directions, Mindjet for Android enables you to quickly capture, organize and expand on your ideas, concepts and plans.

Take meeting notes and organize ideas

Mindjet for Android is perfect for taking notes in meetings.  It lets you quickly capture key points, document your decisions, and record all the action items. You can also visually mark up the map to highlight priorities, indicate items that need further discussion, and track your progress.

Inform and align teams

Easily share your Mindjet maps with others to gather other thoughts or to get buy in for your ideas and plans.  Mindjet for Android works with Dropbox so you can easily share with others or syncing back to your computer.

Worry-free access to your work- anytime and anywhere

With Mindjet for Android you can access your work anywhere to review your plans, update your research and expand on your ideas.

Like our iOS mobile apps, no data is ever lost as you move your map from platform to platform. At Mindjet, we’re creating a truly collaborative work management ecosystem across all platforms and devices – from PC and Mac through the web and of course on both iOS and Android devices so you can focus on getting work done and not have to worry about whether files or map content will be lost or garbled when opened on your mobile device.

Stocked full of features

Mindjet for Android is loaded with features such as easy topic creation, simple drag and drop interaction with map topics, zoom, and icons and markers including.

  • Adding notes to topics for additional details and context.
  • Tapping into the extensive icon library to flag topics, show progress and more.
  • Easy export of maps as image or text files to share snapshots with a colleague.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for those of you that own a device with a physical QWERTY keyboard Gesture shortcuts for others who prefer to use the touch screen

Best of all…Mindjet for Android is available at no cost to you!

Simply download the app from the Android Marketand you’ll be up and running in seconds.

Want to get started?

Great! Here’s a quick overview that shows you how. For more information go to click here.

We want your feedback!

We take great pride in providing technology that not only works, but works in a way that truly makes a difference in the lives of our users. Have ideas on how to improve Mindjet for Android? Join the discussion here and give us your feedback. Love the app? We’d appreciate your review on the Android Market page and help us spread the word about how Mindjet for Android helps make you more productive!

57 Responses to “Mindjet for Android Available Today!”

  1. mohammed

    Although I can download maps from my computer to the phone, the files still don’t show up in opening screen of the app. I have to use the file browser to find the file, and then choose an application to open it i.e. mindjet. This is a bit long winded. Any quicker way?

  2. Mark Evans

    Sad day for the Android community  with the death of TS. Oh sure, there is support for Free mind today, but how long will there be? There certainly won’t be any more development for competing file formats and there is not way I will be using MJ as long as the pricing is insane.

    • MichaelDeutch

      Hi Mark, sorry you feel that way. We have no intention of discontinuing support of Freemind. We’re about to kick off a project to support an integration with Mindjet Connect. This will offer the 350,000 Thinking Space users a free web-baseed information mapping solution. Today, Mindjet Connect users can store any file online, share files, co-edit maps with other (free) users and more…We’re providing tremendous value at a price that is hard to argue with, free. You can sign up for Mindjet Connect today and let me know what you think. Best, Michael

      • Mark Evans

        well great! If you (as a company) would communicate these things a head of time you would not get all the hate. 
        Free is great but you really should work on payed tiers for the casual user as well! Say $30 year for a good subset of what the corp. users get.
        Just saying, you can get lots of money from a few or some from a lot.

        • MichaelDeutch

          You’re right and some mistakes were made in our understanding of the upgrade flow and, as a result, the communications. We’re going to work hard to win back your (collective) patronage! Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it.

  3. Richard Chatburn

    At the moment the app is at ‘no cost to me’. You are going to develop it during 2012. Will it remain ‘no cost to me’ when you’ve finished developing it?

    I’ve already shelled out for Thinking Space Pro by the way so wouldn’t be happy about having to pay for it again.

    • MichaelDeutch

      Hi Richard. We will continually evolve Mindjet for Android and there are no current plans to charge for this app. While this version is ‘free’, it is essentially the ‘pro’ version that used to be sold. 

  4. Lone McCord

    Horrible that you bought THINKING SPACE and took away features that we paid for. You should learn from Google and do NO EVIL. Give us back access to drop box and the cloud, Mindmieser, freemind, and everything else you took away. Pitiful use of your power to buy things. Grow up and act like a company that has the good of it’s customer’s at heart. Don’t give us a 5 page pdf of legal crap that we have to swallow just to use an app that we have paid for and used for years. 

    As of today, you suk. The good news is that you can still change it. Here is hoping you do. 

    Feel free to contact me.

    • MichaelDeutch

      Hi Lone. I apologize for any inconvenience. Mindjet is very excited about our acquisition of Thinking Space and the future of its development. We didn’t remove any dropbox capabilities with this release so you can still export your your maps and place them into a dropbox folder for sharing between your different devices. We didn’t remove support for FreeMind either. However, we recommend that if you wish to use MindMiester that you use their supported application moving forward.  

  5. Mindjet

    Great news, I am amongst those looking for the dropbox support that is supposed to be present, Any clues on how to set it up?

    • MichaelDeutch

      Hi there, we didn’t remove any dropbox capabilities with this release so you can
      still export your your maps and place them into a dropbox folder for
      sharing between your different devices.

  6. David Labbe

    Not exactly ground breaking. You bought Thinking Space and rebranded it…even with the same opening home screen animation. Does it connect with “connect” as I have not seen that option in the settings? The only way this app will be truly useful and mobile is the Connect integration and not the work around of drop box.

  7. Michael Kahler

    I use Mindjet 2012 on my laptop quite often and now I can even do things on my Droid Bionic!  This is great and I am looking forward to the enhancements as they come!  Thank you, Mindjet!

  8. Sergio

    I didn’t understand… This is a joke? All links of this post are to Thinking Space app…
    The Mindjet for Android is Thinking Space?? …but… Thinking Space has been around for a few months… And developer of Thinking Space is Kinesthetik company… not Mindjet.

    • Parker Trewin

      Mindjet for Android will launch at 4pm PST time today.  The correct Android Marketplace links will be live then.

      • MMLurker

        I waited so long for this, it’s so exciting! I hope it handles even bigger maps well and that you are able to use custom icons just as in the version for the PC.

        It is, as they say, an early Christmas for the mobile mindjet mindmanager users!

        Thank you!

        • MichaelDeutch

          We’re excited about the launch too! This is just the start, we’ll continue to improve the app in 2012, enhancing the capabilities and connecting it more deeply into our Mindjet ecosystem.



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