Mindjet Connect November Release – You Spoke. We Listened.

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November 30, 2011

Today we released the newest update for Mindjet Connect, our online service for collaborative work management.  Thanks to your great feedback, we’ve added several enhancements and features that continue to improve Mindjet Connect.

  • Full-screen Mode
  • Microsoft Word Import/Export
  • Support for Japanese
  • Usability improvements and bug fixes

Want more mapping real estate?
By popular demand, Mindjet Connect now offers a full-screen mode within the mapping client.  Previously, you could hide only the top ribbon, with the feature ribbon still visible.  Although this does free up some space, many of you told us that you wanted a still larger canvas to work in.  So we came up with a solution!

Now Mindjet Connect gives you the ability to switch to full screen mode, which hides the feature ribbon and maximizes the size of your mapping canvas.  Combine this with full window mode and you increase your mapping canvas by roughly 33%!

Import and Export for Microsoft Word
Another great feature we’ve added based on customer feedback is the ability to export your Mindjet files (.mmap) to a Microsoft Word document file (.doc) and vice versa.  Let’s say you’ve created this amazing project plan in Mindjet Connect and you want to share it with your executive team.  However, one of the executives is not a fan of visual mapping and prefers an outline format.  Not a problem. Now you can easily export your map into a Word document and make everyone happy!  Or you can import a Word document that you’ve received from a colleague and import it into Mindjet Connect and work with it in map format.  By the way, we plan to roll out more transformations (import/export) in the near future.  So stay tuned!

Other enhancements and improvements
• Support for Japanese
• Usability improvements
• Bug fixes
View our release notes for additional information.

We hear you loud and clear!
Looking for an easy way to provide direct feedback on Mindjet Connect?  Just go to the drop down menu at the top right corner of Mindjet Connect and select “Give Feedback.”

MindManager 2012 service pack to support Mindjet Connect
In addition to the great November release of Mindjet Connect, we also have a service pack for MindManager 2012 that has a set of fixes to make your MindManager experience much smoother when working with Mindjet Connect.  This 10.0.493 service pack enhances auto-saving a map in Mindjet Connect, improves performance when accessing Mindjet Connect using a low bandwidth network connection, and makes co-editing much smoother.  Download the service pack and release notes here to get the latest updates to MindManager and continue using Mindjet Connect and MindManager together.

Thanks again for your great feedback. Please keep sending us your thoughts and ideas so we can continue to make your experience with Mindjet Connect even better!

18 Responses to “Mindjet Connect November Release – You Spoke. We Listened.”

  1. Todd Roth

    I’m trying to export to any of the 4 formats, I’ve loaded Java 6. Still fails, IOS user

  2. nono liem

    I heve received mailing of great updates on Connect.
    It would however be more effective if your messages on updates confirms it is only applicable for connect business users only.

    It avoids disappointments on free version users like me

    kind regards

  3. Mikhail

    Hi I’ve a trouble with this update  – trouble with local languages.
    In notes i’m typing some info. First word is OK but second one become in strange symbols. If I switch a keyboard layout twice- it’s become OK till the next break. It’s terrible…

  4. Brian Friedlander

    Hi Wayne

    That is great news- for some reason it doesn’t look like the new features are working yet. Can you confirm that. 



  5. Michael

    I don’t see any mention of this in the release notes so I’ll ask here: Does this release fix the bug in exporting to web pages where white space would spuriously be removed between words?  I can’t test this as my eval license has expired but we are waiting on this fix to upgrade from version 8 which does not have this problem.

  6. andrewwilcox

    And another bonus the problems I had with the Arrange Windows tool has been fixed.  It now opens the map you click :)

  7. andrewwilcox

    Hi Wayne

    Thanks for the update.  I have quickly scanned the release notes and could not see two fixes I was expecting:

    1. My Quick Access Toolbar has a Adobe PDF icon where it should have an Image Export icon. Is not fixed.

    2. The at least a decade old, right click topic > Send to new map feature which was no longer functioning properly in 2012, is now working.

    The Quick Access Toolbar was reset as in previous service packs

    • Wayne Chan

      Hi Andrew,

      The focus on this service pack was actually to ensure the best experience with Mindjet Connect as well as some high priority bugs.  If you have new issues to report, they should be directed to our CSS team.  However, I was able to confirm that these items were indeed not addressed and will be considered for future updates.



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