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Michael Deutch

November 8, 2011

Chuck Frey recently posted an article about a new vendor who is selling 700+ hand-drawn symbols which you can use to add visual meaning and a nice personal touch to your maps. The images included in Vector Doodlekit are available in multiple formats, and can be purchased online for €29 (about US$40).

There’s a FREE DOWNLOAD which can be unzipped and added into your MindManager’s image Library.

10-27-2011 3-49-24 Make it Personal

Image created by Petr Vlk

Here’s how to take advantage of these free images…
With MindManager for Windows, unzip the free download, and pick (or create) a folder in the Image Library pane and then select add image. Navigate to your folder and select one, several or all the images to load into MindManager. You’re done. Now you can use these images to visually highlight different topics in your map.

With MindManager for Mac, go into Finder and select the ‘Go To Folder’ option under the ‘Go’ menu. Type ~/library/ and hit enter. You’ll need to navigate to the following folder: application support>mindjet>mindmanager>9>english>library>images. If you’re using a different language, you’ll see that language instead of English. Here you can create a new folder and add the PNG files. Restart MindManager and you’ll be ready to map!

It’s a pretty fast process and you’ll soon be using these hand drawn images in your maps!

Here’s my updated dashboard…

10-27-2011 3-52-27 Make it Personal

Let us know what you think of these images.

I look forward to seeing some of these new images in maps that you upload into our customer gallery!

13 Responses to “Make it Personal!”

    • MichaelDeutch

      I used one that would work well with hand drawn images, it’s called Tempus Sans ITC. Not sure if it is a standard office/windows font. Give it a shot, let me know how it works for you.

    • MichaelDeutch

      The quality is low because the set is for free. The higher quality vector doodlekit is available for purchase via the links in the post (btw, Mindjet doesn’t have any financial arrangement with the vendor).

  1. Matt

    Hey Michael,

    Nice library of images! I just added them to my Image gallery.Thank you for sharing this, it turns out I was actually looking for more icons and images :-)Cheers,Matt

      • Matt

        I used the free images in a summary map I made for a Cashflow game held last Thursday. Unfortunately, the images weren’t good quality enough to print the map. So I bought the kit :)

        I replaced the free ones by the paid ones, and quality is great.

  2. Tulasi

    Looks really nice and interesting… And reallky good instructions on how to add these pictures to Mindmanager library…. Thanks..

  3. Mdalves

    Great tip from Chuck Frey and nice instructions on how to add the pictures to Mindmanager library. Thanks !


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