Drowning in Data?

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November 23, 2011

Drowning in Data?

In today’s working environment we have to deal with receiving information from many different sources, in multiple formats, which we are struggling to manage, digest and navigate the information to get to what is relevant. Something as simple as searching for information can waste a lot of time and have a big effect on our own productivity, and in turn can affect performance and job satisfaction.

We decided to conduct some research into this issue of information overload, with the aim of quantifying how much of a problem this is proving for office workers and consequently businesses today. Our survey was conducted by One Poll to office workers across the UK, Sweden and Holland, and asked a series of questions to find out how much information we receive on a daily basis and from which sources. The results of this research have provided some very interesting insights into around how the information that faces us on a daily basis is affecting employee efficiency and ultimately costing businesses.

View our infographic of UK results

On the back of these interesting results, we have created our very own Data Mass Index Calculator that allows you to see how much information from different sources you are having to deal with each day, providing tips on how you can deal with information in a more effective way, and prevent you from “drowning in data!”

Calculate your own Data Mass Index

8 Responses to “Drowning in Data?”

  1. Matt Tanguay

    Hey Chris,

    Information overload is a huge modern problem. Mindjet offers a great tool to help with it. It’s more than just about the tool, but if used properly you get real benefits.

    That is a neat infographic! It’s very clear, and it communicates information very well. I enjoyed going through it :)

    I’m curious, what software did you guys use to create it?


  2. Derek Coles

    Have just downloaded the programme and tried to open a new file to work on. Verdict! Awful! Could not open any file to work on, just a blank screen. I see on your website there is no contact button or help button. I wonder why! A complete waste of time!



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