Thursday Thoughts: How our brains are wired to memorize pictures.

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October 13, 2011

Thursdays are now dedicated to thoughts about visualization and collaboration.

To kick-off our new Thursday feature, we want to share a cool video that explains  how the human brain is essentially “wired” to think visually. This seven minute video from The Fearless Partnership explains how the mind brain actively seeks engagement and creativity. Additionally, the video explains how the brain is good at memorizing and recalling images. Visualization software, like MindManager, connects all these elements together in a way that allows individuals to get better results. 

We hope you enjoy this fun, short video. We sure did!

6 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts: How our brains are wired to memorize pictures.”

  1. Matt

    Hey Troy,

    Thanks for the video. I didn’t know about The Fearless Partnership. I’ll go ahead and leave a comment on this post on their site.




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