Mindjet for iPad & Mindjet for iPhone Version 2.1 Now Available!

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October 18, 2011

iOS 5

Today, we released our newest update for Mindjet for iPhone & Mindjet for iPad available in Apple’s app store.

 This update includes the following:

  •  iOS 5 compatibility
  • An updated Help map with new topic “Gestures” to aid map usability

Be sure to update your copy of Mindjet for iPhone/iPad to be the most productive possible!

12 Responses to “Mindjet for iPad & Mindjet for iPhone Version 2.1 Now Available!”

  1. Martin Leuschen

    Will you be adding full shared editing support for ipad/iphone apps.  ie:  edits on ipad are written back to Mindjet Connect, and therefore immediately available (like 2 pc users sharing).  Currently it looks like maps have to be saved locally or to dropbox.
    That limits the functionality especially when sharing maps.

    • parkertrewin

      Martin, full sharing via Mindjet Connect is coming after the first of the year.  More details to follow!

  2. Ian

    I would kike to make the move from PC to Mac soon but wondered what would happen to my PC Mindjet MM’s?

    I also wondered if you can start a map in the iPad and then open on Mac and if so could I start Maps on the IPad then work on them on PC and later on be able to work on the same Maps with a Mac if they were saved in the Dropbox?

    Any advice on what I can do now to make the transition easier when I go to Mac would be appreciated.

    • MichaelDeutch

      Ian, your maps should be usable across our different platforms. Our Window’s app has the most capabilities and still has some features & topic types not available on other platforms. For instance, the excel linker isn’t available on our Mac app. So, the topic remains in the map but may not be visible and/or editable as a result. The core features are supported in all apps and over time, we’ll look to bring everything into greater alignment. That’s our goal. You can currently use Dropbox to sync maps between our iOS, Mac and Window’s apps. We’re updating our iOS apps to work better with Mindjet Connect as well to give you another option for map sharing. Maps stored in Connect can also be shared with other people and they can use our free web mapping capabilities to review or edit maps with you.

  3. Roger C. Parker

    Last night I installed the latest MindManager iPad update and was very impressed by the new topic color and map background options. 

    The enhanced formatting options in the latest iPad update creates a whole new playing field for MindManager as a presentation tool.

    I assume, BTW, that the next version will restore the boundary capability?


    • parkertrewin

      Glad you are liking the new functionality.  We’re working on boundary capabilities but at this time don’t have an exact time frame on when it will be included.  Stay tuned.

  4. Zalacain

    I have problems with this update. The lines of maps are corrupted, and it’s impossible to move the ideas. My iPhone is 3G. The last version did run good, the problem is now!


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